If you are recruiting a sales force, you should be inspired by Yelp: they are, in my opinion, one of the top 10 employers in the world at recruiting sales people (if I told you how many people they hire each year, you wouldn’t believe me!). Yelp needs to be that good to drive the 40% sales growth they achieved last quarter!

Related Note: a superstar sales person generates $32 million of revenue per year in the tech space

One of Yelp’s simple but smart sales recruiting strategies is to offer a different Slideshare on each of the key locations at which they are recruiting sales reps — 100,000+ would-be sales professionals have checked out these 3 slideshares so far:

Good sales reps don’t have much time (they want to be hunting!). Using a different Slideshare for each location gives sales reps a quick taste of each Yelp office through a handful of pictures that take just seconds to click through. The Slideshare is the hero image for each of the location — sales reps can also see a handful of links to sales jobs at each location and either apply or join Yelp’s talent community.

This creating approach also attracts millennials, a key audience for Yelp.

Using Slideshares is just one of a handful of creative sales recruiting strategies Yelp uses to recruit sales reps and millennials (they are also an aggressive user of video).

If you want to see how 3 other companies recruited beyond sales people using Slideshare, check out How Hubspot, Autodesk and Dell Use Culture SlideShares to Attract Millions — the cost can be free to cheap.

About the Author — Rob is the Co-founder & CEO of Ongig, the first-ever Employer Branding SaaS that allows employers to attract the best talent in the world faster. Yelp, Autodesk, GoDaddy, Auction.com and BMC Software are among the early customers of the Ongig SaaS.

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