Creating a solid employee value proposition (EVP) is a big part of attracting top talent and keeping them on board. In this article we will answer the questions:

  • What is an employee value proposition?
  • What is the difference between EVP and employer brand?
  • How to develop an employee value proposition.

And, I found 10 employee value proposition examples from top brands.

What is an employee value proposition?

To create an employee value proposition model in your company, it’s important to first understand what an EVP is.

Here’s an employee value proposition definition:

The employee value proposition is the set of attributes that the labor market and employees perceive as the value they gain through employment with the organization.

source: Gartner

An EVP is sometimes confused with “employer brand”. The difference is that the employee value proposition is focused internally (what motivates and engages employees, helps retain top performers, attracts talented candidates); versus the employer brand which is more externally-focused (e.g. the company’s reputation as an employer, its social image, what sets it apart).

10 Employee Value Proposition Examples

I perused career pages and job postings to find 10 companies (see below list) with a great employee value proposition example.

Apple’s Employee Value Proposition

Apple’s EVP Headline: “Join us. Be you.”

Apple’s employee value proposition draws you in with an effective (well-copywritten) headline: “Join us. Be you.” It doesn’t hurt that Apple dedicates eye-catching creative (visuals) to their messaging.

employee value proposition example apple

Apple’s employee value proposition is built on these elements:

  • employees adding value
  • bringing together diverse thinkers and doers to innovate
  • employees finding their calling and their place

Deloitte’s Employee Value Proposition

Deloitte’s EVP Headline: “What impact will you make?”

Deloitte’s employee value proposition is engaging because it asks a question, “What impact will you make?” Using this question approach immediately makes Deloitte’s messaging conversational.

Deloitte’s career page uplifts their employee value proposition with a video that touches on inclusion, collaboration, and performance. The video shows what life is like at working at the company, interacting with other employees, and finding opportunities for success.

Google’s Employee Value Proposition

Google’s EVP Headline: “How we care for Googlers”

The employee value proposition from Google focuses on 6 key elements. Here how Google “cares for Googlers”:

  • supporting families — benefits (parental leave, retirement savings, & more) and on-site amenities (for kids and dogs!)
  • access to a healthy lifestyle — on-site doctors and fitness centers
  • giving back — matching charitable donations and volunteer hours for employees
  • access to quality time off — flex workdays and vacation time
  • financial support — retirement savings matching and financial planning resources
  • investing in employee growth — personal and professional development options (degree programs, cooking classes, guitar lessons, and more)
employee value proposition example google

Hershey’s Employee Value Proposition

Hershey’s EVP Headline: “Haven’t reached your full potential yet? Neither have we. There’s more to be made”

The Hershey employee value proposition is great because asks an engaging question:


And, Hershey’s employee value proposition example is geared towards:

  • culture & diversity — Business Resource Groups (BRGs) supporting an inclusive work environment
  • benefits for employees — “health, wealth, and life”
Hershey employee value proposition example

McDonald’s Employee Value Proposition

McDonald’s EVP Headline: “Why McDonald’s?”

McDonald’s employee value proposition can be found on their Why Work In a McDonald’s Restaurant? careers page, but I also found a great employee value proposition example in this job posting for a department manager:

Employee value proposition example McDonalds

Including an EVP in a job posting on Indeed or your careers page, especially opening with it really draws in candidates. The employee value proposition above hits all the marks (salary, benefits, training, healthcare, vacation, and work-life balance).

Netflix’s Employee Value Proposition

Netflix’s EVP Headline: “Why Netflix?”

Netflix’s employee value proposition is on their careers page, but also in their job postings. Below is an example of an EVP in a job description for a Senior Software Engineer.

This employee value proposition example is great, not only because it’s in the job posting, but also because it mentions:

  • training opportunities
  • inclusive company culture
  • benefits
  • salary
  • impact

These are all important pieces of a good employee value proposition model.

Employee value proposition example Netflix

Sodexo’s Employee Value Proposition

Sodexo’s EVP Headline: “Looking for a diverse and rewarding career?”

The Sodexo employee value proposition is great because it’s based on 2 key elements:

  • belonging and team spirit — this encourages employees to stay long-term
  • careers paths — making growth and longevity for employees a priority
Sodexo employee value proposition example
Employee value proposition example sodexo

Starbucks’ Employee Value Proposition

Starbucks’ EVP Headline: “Expect more coffee.”

Starbucks employee value proposition has an excellent opener, “Expect more than coffee” and talks about their employees as “partners.” This highlights company culture and is one of the best employee branding examples we found.

Starbucks employee value proposition example

Toyota’s Employee Value Proposition

Toyota’s EVP Headline: “We’re more than just great cars and trucks”

The Toyota employee value proposition is highlighted in text, “We’re more than just great cars and trucks” and a video on the company career page. Toyota’s employee value proposition is great because it’s based on 2 pillars:

  • respect for people
  • continuous improvement

The 60-second video profile of Jack Hollis, Senior VP of Automotive Operations, really shows why he was attracted to the company and why he’s stayed around for 10+ years.

Unilever’s Employee Value Proposition

Unilever’s EVP Headline: “What we can offer you”

The Unilever employee value proposition is present in its job postings in a unique way, which really caught my attention. Here’s an example of Unilever’s EVP in a recruitment lead job description:

What We Can Offer You

Culture for Growth | Top Notch Employee Health & Well Being Benefits | Every Voice Matters | Global Reach | Life at Unilever | Careers with Purpose | World Class Career Development Programs | Check Out Our Space | Focus On Sustainability

This is a great way to showcase your employee value proposition model for potential candidates because it’s in the format of links that are easy to explore.

The Unilever employee value proposition is found just above their statement about diversity and inclusion.

unilever employee value proposition example

How to Develop an Employee Value Proposition

Do you want to develop an employee value proposition of your own? The 4 tips below might help get you started.

Choose the length of your Employee Value Proposition

There is no standard length of an EVP. Some companies (like Netflix and McDonald’s) include a shortlist of bullets in the job postings, while other companies (like Apple and Google) dedicate an entire page on their website to their employee value proposition.

Add visuals and video to an Employee Value Proposition

Not all of the example EVPs above use videos or images to tell their story, but it might help. If you are adding an employee value proposition to your career page or website, using visuals is more attention-grabbing than text alone.

But, if you have limited resources (e.g., no budget for a graphic designer), using a simple bulleted list works too. Just make sure the language you use speaks to your audience (see below).

Speak to your audience in an Employee Value Proposition

Speaking to your audience using 1st/2nd person language has more impact. In the employee value proposition examples above, Apple, Deloitte & Hershey use “you” to speak directly to their audience.

Conversational language is another great way to reach your audience. Deloitte, Hershey, and Unilever open their EVPs with a question. Candidates might be more connected to the statement “What can we offer you?” instead of using the word “Benefits.”

Using inclusive language in your employee value proposition is also key. Ongig’s Text Analyzer flags words that might contain bias and gives suggestions for more inclusive replacements. Running your employee value proposition example through the software can help you create an unbiased EVP.

Sections to use in your Employee Value Proposition

If you aren’t sure which sections to include in your employee value proposition, first think about what sets you apart from other companies. Is it flexible work policies, bring your dog to work benefits, or access to unique family benefits?

The answer to these questions might help you choose which sections to use. If not, here are some suggestions with examples of what top brands use:

Headline/Impact Statement

Start with a statement of impact. How will the company and the employee create a mutually beneficial relationship? Deloitte & Hershey tie their EVP to how employees impact the company with strong headlines like:

“What impact will you make?”


“Haven’t reached your full potential yet? Neither have we. There’s more to be made”

Compensation and Benefits

Salary is one of the top things potential candidates look at before applying and it’s what keeps many employees at companies long term. Be sure to include salary, bonuses, and other benefits in your employee value proposition.

Google, Hershey, McDonald’s, Netflix & Unilever mention employee benefits and/or supporting families in their employee value proposition.

Other companies like Accenture, Chipolte, Goodyear & Massage Envy use a compensation section called “What’s in it for you” as a part of their EVPs.

Company Culture

People are different, and that’s what makes companies great. Having a stance on diversity and inclusion in your employee value proposition is important. Employees who feel supported and respected regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, etc. are more dedicated and productive.

Your company culture is what employees are immersed in daily, so let them share their stories and their message about inclusion at work.

Starbucks & Sodexo put a spotlight on their company culture and employee belonging. Mutual of Omaha uses the statement “A diverse workplace where associates feel a sense of belonging” in their JDs as a part of their EVP.

Employee Growth and Training

Having a pathway for growth and stability is also a top priority for employees. Do you have coaching or mentoring opportunities? Or opportunities for advancement within the company? A successful employee value proposition should include these things.

Apple, Deloitte, Google, Hershey, McDonald’s, Netflix, Sodexo, Starbucks, Toyota & Unilever all include some version of “opportunities for success” in their employee value proposition.

Companies like John Deere, Sweetgreen & Vacasa list career growth and training opportunities in their EVPs.

Work-life Balance

The benefits of a work-life balance are top priority for a lot of people. Listing perks like flexible hours, parental leave, and vacation time are key in an employee value proposition.

Employees who have balanced between work-life and home-life are usually:

  • more productive and motivated
  • less stressed
  • avoid burn-out
  • healthier (mentally and physically)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jamba Juice & NetApp list this in a section called “What We Offer” for employees in their EVPs.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on location in the employee value proposition model. Most companies around the world were forced to switch from being in an office to working 100% remotely for months.

In this post-pandemic world, employees might value having the flexibility of working from home vs. being in an office full time. If your company has a policy for remote work as a benefit or if it’s standard operation procedure, you might want to mention it in your EVP.

GoDaddy, VMWare, & Wikimedia Foundation use phrases like “you can work remotely from anywhere,” showing flexible locations to support their EVPs.

Why I Wrote This?

Part of Ongig’s mission is to help you attract top-tier diverse talent. Ongig’s software transforms your career page and job descriptions so you can highlight your employee value proposition (EVP). Request a demo to learn. more.

Note: If you need some employee branding examples or help with your employee value proposition model, our blog 9 Winning Employer Brand Marketing Strategies might help.


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