Real estate powerhouse Colliers International has a new “Power of Be” employee value proposition in its job descriptions.

The opening 2 sentences of some of their latest U.S. job posting includes 3 words about what the candidate has the potential/power to “BE”.  E.g.,

  • “Be the expert”
  • “Be a team player”
  • “Be ambitious”

Check out the opening 2 sentences in these 2 job postings on LinkedIn to see some examples (it looks like they have about 20 of these “Be [fill in the blank]” taglines):


Then, in the last line of the job posting, they reinforce the EVP:

It’s great to see such employee value proposition examples on the job posting level and not just the career home page. The job ad is often the first impression a candidate has of working with you (i.e. they come in through Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google, etc.).

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