We see lots of employer branding examples out there but this one seems simple, cheap and super-effective.

It comes courtesy of engineering and construction leader CDM Smith. It’s a simple employee photo contest:

  • They asked employees to submit their best photos related to “what we do.”
  • Employees sent in 300+ entries
  • They added a select number of the photos to their About Us page which includes a “Join Our Team” (see below)
CDM Smith Employee Photo Contest

Here are close-ups of some of the photos that won or placed:





Just imagine the power of this employee value proposition:

  • Employees feel valued for being invited to take part in the contest
  • Some employees have fun taking the pics
  • Other employees have fun seeing the pics live on their Web site
  • Candidates get a visual representation of different divisions of the employer
  • Candidates see that the employer values its employees

And keep in mind that 40% of millennials want to be involved in co-creating with brands and products, according to Millennial Marketing.

In this case, the employees of CDM Smith are co-creating the company culture.

It’s one of the simplest yet effective employer branding examples we’ve seen in a while.


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