Great piece on diversity recruiting strategies employed by the American Heart Association (AHA) at SHRM last week. Most of their focus has been on diversity recruiting microsites. Some highlights:

Diversity Recruiting Best Practices at AHA

  • Hired a diversity recruiting specialist
  • Built six diversity recruiting microsites focused on diverse candidates, veterans and people with disabilities.
  • Back-linked those sites and placing specific language in job postings about veterans, diversity and inclusion, and individuals with disabilities.
  • Set up partnerships with hundreds of local diversity organizations across the U.S.
  • Created a career fair advertised to diverse communities.
  • Leveraged diversity job boards
  • Removed artificial job requirements from job descriptions.


AHA Diversity Recruiting Microsite



Veteran/Military Microsite



Diversity Recruiting Results at AHA

  • The decreases in time-to-fill and lost revenue more than make up for the diversity recruiting specialist’s compensation when he or she builds relationships with diverse student bodies and diversity partner organizations.
  • A 400 percent increase in its diversity application-to-hire conversion rate after launching the diversity microsites in 2014 (based on data from March 2016).


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