The Talent Management Alliance puts on a handful of talent, people, and recruiting conferences every year. Last week was the 2017 Talent Acquisition Summit which covered the following topics:

  • Employer Branding

    • Best Employer branding tools
    • Employer branding strategy
  • Recruiting and Sourcing Strategy

    • Sourcing high quality talent
    • Internal mobility strategies
    • Employee referral programs
  • Streamlining and Automation of Recruiting Process

    • Improving candidate experience
    • Role of talent acquisition in workforce planning
  • Measuring and Tracking Sourcing Performance

    • Analytics to truly capture your quality of hire, time to fill, and employer branding ROI.
    • Beating your budget and transforming recruiting strategies on a “fixed income”.

Here are a couple of the best tweets we found from the Talent Acquisition Summit 2017:










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