I look at a lot of careers pages and wanted to pass along seven ideas I ran across lately that might help you move the needle on driving candidate experience.

1) Use a Headline

Qualcomm grabs your attention with a simple and eye-grabbing headline: “Get Your Mobile On”.

Reason this is important: Copywriting is key to marketing any Web page and most pages begin with a headline (yet few careers pages leverage one!). If you have a good headline, it will get the job seeker’s attention enough to make them continue reading (if you don’t, they may click away). This is especially important for companies that are not consumer brands.

Careers Page Tips | Qualcomm Uses Headline


2) Employee Data (Stats)

Deckers Outdoor Corporation lists out some factoids about employees in a colorful display.

Reason this is important: Culture sells.

Careers Page Tips | Deckers uses employee data & statistics


3) Show Your Recruiting Team

Zoosk shows profiles of its HR & recruiting team.

Reason this is important: Transparency sells.

Careers Page Tips | Show Your Recruiting Team | Zoosk


4) Show Your Brands

If you have more than one product or brand, show it off. Campbell’s Soup Company shows off its amazing brands (scrolling) directly on its careers home page

Reason this is important: All jobseekers are motivated in some way by affiliation — they want to connect not just with your corporate brand but with your product brands too (if you have them) — this will of course enhance your employer brand. Showing your brands applies to tech companies too: Microsoft, for example, could boost its employer brand significantly if it played up its sexier product brands such as Xbox and Skype on its careers page.

Careers Page Tips | Campbell_s Soup shows its brands and products


5) Show Compensation Minimums (If you can!)

Chipotle clearly shows the compensation minimums its managers make.

Reason this is important: When a job seeker sees compensation information early in the process, 3 important things happen: 1) they trust you more; 2) they start to envision the job better and 3) it helps filter out some candidates.

Career Page Tips | Show Salary Compensation | Chipotle


6) Dedicate a URL for your Careers Page

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) dedicates a separate URL (LIveYourLifeLoveYourJob) to attract job candidates.

Reason this is important: It shows job seekers that you value their career enough to create a separate Web site just for them.

Careers Page Tips | American Eagle Outfitters uses dedicated URL


7) Hiring Timeline

Zoosk breaks down the timeline that its candidates can expect (30-day turnaround!).

Reason this is important: A job application is a process, usually a difficult one. If you show candidates what to expect, that both helps ease their stress as well as builds trust.

Careers Page Tips | Hiring Timeline | Zoosk

And congrats to Zoosk on getting mentioned twice here!

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