If you’ve got Brassring as an ATS, you might want to double-check the following candidate experience flow to make sure your candidates are not experiencing a Confirm Form Resubmission error page (aka “a broken back button”).

Here’s the candidate experience flow you should quickly test:

1. Searches for a Job

The candidate does a Brassring-powered job search:

Broken Back Button Brassring ATS 2


2. Views Job Description

The candidate views the Brassring-powered job description:

Broken Back Button Brassring ATS 3


3. Clicks the Back Button & Sees this Error Page

Then the candidate clicks the back button on their browser causing them to see this “Confirm Form Resubmission” error page.

Broken Back Button Brassring ATS Error


We did this exercise for 102 Brassring clients and found 45 (44.1%) of them having the Confirm Form Submission error page.

The technical reason for the Confirm Form Resubmission error is that when the candidate clicks back a page it is causing Brassring to resubmit the search/form and Brassring and some other ATS’s (see Taleo’s Confirm Form Resubmission post) don’t like this.

You can fix the Confirm Form Resubmission error through a developer. Here are some resources:

Or you can use a cloud recruiting platform like Ongig which automatically fixes confirm form resubmission errors and many other problems!

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