Interesting factoid we just found when looking at 363 Taleo clients — when a candidate does a career site job search via the Taleo ATS, then views the job description, and then clicks the back button, there is an error page in about 18% of clients.

Here’s the candidate experience flow:

1. Searches for a Job


The candidate does a Taleo-powered job search:

Taleo Job Search - Ongig


2. Views Job Description


They view the Taleo-powered job description:

Taleo Broken Job Pages


3. Clicks the Back Button and Sees This Error Page



Taleo broken job pages


We did this exercise for 363 U.S.-based Taleo ATS clients and found 67 (18%) having the error page.

The technical reason for this broken back button page is that when the candidate clicks back a page it is causing Taleo to do what’s called a “form resubmission” and Taleo and some other ATS’s don’t like this.

You can fix the Confirm Form Resubmission error through a developer. Here are some resources:


Or you can use a cloud recruiting platform like Ongig which automatically fixes confirm form resubmission errors and many other problems!

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