Talent leaders gathered for the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in San Francisco last week. The conference attracted thought leaders and practitioners from across North America. Ideas and inspiration were abound as talent leaders discussed key topics in digital recruiting.

As a fan of the event, I was keeping close track of the twitter stream. Attendees of the conference did not disappoint. Here are some of the top tweets from the conference. If you’re a social recruiting enthusiast, you’re sure to see some common themes.

Look for upcoming editions of the conference in Chicago and London later this year. Enjoy the top tweets.


If you’re sharing jobs on Facebook, they’d better be visual.


The convergence of recruiting and marketing.


Candidates are doing their homework. Your digital presence is critical.


The connection between candidate experience and quality hires.


Recruiting is like sales…yes, yes, and yes.


Like the old phrase goes, “tellin’ ain’t sellin'”.


Transparency, authenticity and consistency are a necessity.


Knowing where quality candidates come from is vital.


Another testament to the importance of the candidate experience.


Employer brand is best when it comes from the heart.


Mobile is exploding in demographics you may not expect.


Timing is everything, and mobile usage is very predictable.


Content may be king, but not for content’s sake.


One can wonder how job boards continue to thrive.


Excellent tip. Candidates love relevancy.


Common sense prevails. Why pay others to take your traffic?


And yes, some funny (and true) takes indeed.


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