Ongig believes that one day all job pages will have live interactivity such as a comments/chat feature.

First off, it’s a great experience for the candidate — they get their questions answered (questions that often aren’t answered in a standard job posting).

But it’s great for internal recruiters too — especially for search engine optimization (SEO). Hundreds of candidates Google you and your team and jobs and the more content/text there is on your job pages, the more easily they will find you.

Let’s take the  Account Executive position from

The reason that this particular job ad is so strong in SEO is simple math:

The 42 comments that have been made about the job generated new 2,385 words for the job posting.

1. 4Xing Google Traffic

That’s more than 4 times the number of words (492) that the job ad had before Salesforce added comments to its ad.

In other words, the Comments section (which allows candidates to ask about the AE job) was able to 4X the text content describing the job; and Google and other search engines pick up on these relevant words.

Here are some examples of categories of keywords that Google picked up on  in this particular job ad that you can use to attract more traffic.

2. Hiring Managers

When you offer a Comments feature to your job, the hiring manager has a chance to identify themselves and answer questions.

For example, the Salesforce AE hiring manager Mark Wayland is identified every time he answers a question or corresponds with a candidate — Google then sent dozens of people who searched for “Mark Wayland” to his job!

3. Recruiters

If you have a recruiter on your team, they can participate in comments/chats about a job. For example, recruiter Kelly Wasden gave his input on working at Salesforce and a number of people arrived at the job ad because they searched for “Kelly Wasden.”

4. Candidates

Some candidates even arrive to a job ad because they searched the name of another candidate who had commented on the job. In this case, the AE job received a few hits from people searching “Kazim Acar Met Life Insurance.”

5. Evangelists

Amazingly, a few candidates found the AE job by searching “Supermedia,” the name of a company who employed a Salesforce evangelist who had made a comment endorsing the salesforce platform.

6. Skills

Many candidates found the  Salesforce AE job through searching skills needed for the job — 10 candidates Googled “quota Salesforce” and  ended up on the job ad because an anonymous commenter had mentioned that they had always been above “quota.”

7. Customers

Finally, it was neat to see that 2 candidates found the Salesforce AE  job by searching “arista,” the name of a customer that one candidate mentioned they were close to.

These types of keywords generated as part of the comments/chat feature can generate substantial organic search traffic for you job ad and generate quality applications.

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