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Google is shuffling the deck in terms of mobile recruiting/SEO and where your job pages appear. If you pay attention to this, Google will deal your cards first off the top of the deck. If you don’t, your cards will be dealt much later in the game if at all.

The difference in Google SEO traffic for you could be 100X.


What I’m talking about is Google just-announced “Mobile-First Indexing” and it’s critical to both mobile recruiting and search engine optimization.

A little history first.

Traditionally, Google has indexed/crawled your desktop Web pages to help determine where you should rank in search results when candidates search for jobs and companies.

Tipping Point & Google’s Secret Sauce

But mobile searches on Google have now surpassed desktop Google searches — hence Google’s reshuffling of the deck.

Google will still look at your desktop pages, but they are going to give more weight to your mobile pages.

Google is essentially tweaking the secret sauce of its algorithm and letting you know all about it!


A couple of steps I recommend:

First step is to ask your Webmaster if your career pages and job descriptions already have a responsive site or a dynamic serving site (this is when the primary content and markup language is the same across mobile and desktop).

If the answer is yes, you are all set.mobile-video-job-description

If the answer is no, then have your Webmaster read the Google Mobile-First Indexing article. It points out pretty plainly what you need to do.

A good rule of thumb for your mobile recruiting strategy is to “Think Mobile First” — ask your Webmasters and Web designers to create your company career pages and job description pages for mobile viewing first, with desktop pages being the second priority.

Only 1 in about 100 employers does this right now, based on my purely anecdotal listenings of heads of talent acquisition.

If you need any help with mobile recruiting, you can email me at Rob@Ongig.com. All of the job pages Ongig generates are mobile-first/responsive design.

Rob Kelly

Co-Founder and CEO at Ongig
Ongig transforms your job descriptions to attract the best talent faster. Ongig is a content management system that supercharges your job descriptions through video, images, pictures, chat, social sharing, microsite creation and much more. Jobs can be more easily found through Artificial Intelligence-based job search and all pages are Mobile and SEO optimized. Ongig's professional copywriting team will even rewrite your job descriptions. Early clients of Ongig include Yelp, GoDaddy, Verizon, Intel andAutodesk.

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