It is inspiring that Uber’s first hire was through a contrarian job description on Twitter by co-founder Travis Kalanick — with a super-fast reply from a then-stranger..

Here’s the job post from 6 years ago:

travis kalanick Twitter Job Description that hired Ryan Graves as Uber_s first employee and later CEO

A guy named Ryan Graves replied 3 minutes later (below) and got the job — Ryan is now head of Uber’s Global Operations.

Uber is now reported to be valued at $50 billion+ with Forbes saying Travis is worth $6 billion and Ryan is worth $1.5 billion — I’d say that first job description/hireworked out. Check out Superstars Generate $12 Million to $105 Million per Year for You for some data on the value of the best of your next 100 hires.

Contrarian thinking, baby!

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Ryan Graves reply to Twitter Job Description by Uber founder Travis Kalanick

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