If you treat your job description pages (which are ads!) more like editorial content, they will convert better (I didn’t say that — famous ad man David Ogilivy did!).

Deloitte recently launched new job descriptions (below) are a great example. Notice all the content they link to in the right-hand rail of the job description page:
Sample Best Job Descriptions Deloitte Ongig Blog
A day in the life link with photo of Deloitte team member:
Best Job Descriptions Sample Deloitte
…a relevant video of about Data Science (for a Big Data job):
Video Job Description Deloitte Sample | Ongig
…and a topical profile of 15 Deloitte team members who are headed to Rio to compete in the olympics.
Job Description Sample Deloitte Day in the Life

(Note: For more data and insight on video job descriptions visit Ongig’s Video Job Description Guide.) For tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples.


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