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If you’re an iCIMS client, you might want more engaging job descriptions than the out-of-the-box iCIMS job page which often looks something like this:

Default iCims ATS Job Description Page


Below are 5 examples of iCIMS clients using “overlays” to give themselves job pages with stronger branding and candidate engagement.


1. T-ROC

  • Big Title — They treat the job title as a headline by using super-large and bold font.
  • Right-Hand Column — They add in extra content (Who We Are and Location) in the right-hand rail.
  • Email Job Alert — The include an email job alert at the bottom.
 TROC iCims ATS Job Description Page


2. Brightview

  • Color Scheme — The colors match Brightview’s blue and green.
  • Use of the Right-Hand Column — They use the right-hand border for location content and talent community.
  • Recently Viewed Jobs — They include links to other jobs the candidate has viewed.
  • Recruiting Content at Bottom of Page — Recently Matt Alder and Audra Knight released a podcast on recruitment marketing, Audra said “each job description should be a mini career site.” Brightview does this by including a “Find Your Path” and “Life at Brightview” sections near the footer.
Brightview iCims ATS Job Description Page



3. FM Global

  • Department is Reinforced — They reinforce the department (Engineering) at the top with a summary of that team.
  • Hero Image — Another element that is not included on an out-of-the-box, default iCims ATS job page.
  • Social Proof — They include an employer of choice award in the right-hand rail.
 FMGlobal iCims ATS Job Description Page


4. Visiting Nurse Service of New York

  • Apply Buttons — They use 2 Apply buttons (one at the top and one at the bottom).
  • Right-Hand Column — They include a bunch of career-related content in the right-hand rail including their benefits plan.
Visiting Nurse Service iCims Job Description Page



5. Wilson HCG

  • Video — Wilson includes a video about their culture on every JD.
  • Color — They reinforce the WilsonHCG blue in their headers and Apply Button.
  • Career/Jobs Related Navigation Bar — Different career site sections and content easily visible.
 WilsonHCG iCims ATS Job Description Pages

Options for Overlays to your iCIMS Job Pages

iCIMS customers need to do custom front-end software development (CSS-oriented) to get most of the “rich content” on your job pages.

If you don’t have internal developers to customize iCIMS, another alternative is to use a job description marketing platform like Ongig. A third alternative is that you could hire a marketing/ad agency.

Ping me at rob@ongig.com or request a demo of Ongig if you want help transforming your iCIMS job pages.

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