Attracting qualified candidates and building an effective hiring process – while keeping your recruitment costs under control – can seem like a difficult task. The reality is, however, that there are many ways you can attract qualified candidates that won’t make you break the bank. Let’s talk about recruiting on a budget.

In fact, there’s plenty you can do on a tight budget to get potential candidates through the door. You can start by combining some organic and paid hiring practices. You can even boost your brand’s reputation along the way and lower your recruiting costs. From creating more inclusive job descriptions to leveraging your existing employees, as well as running a few recruitment ads – there’s a lot you can do without making a significant upfront investment.

All of this demands time, effort, and consistency, though. You also need to be willing to adapt if needed when recruiting on a budget. If that sounds good, then let’s explore recruiting on a budget and how you can attract great candidates to your business in an economical and prudent way.

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Attract Applicants with Online Reputation Management – Recruiting on a Budget

Online reputation management encompasses all the tactics and tools you use to build a positive brand image in the online world. Typically, we’d talk about ORM in terms of your reputation in the eyes of the customers. However, you can also use it to build up and maintain a reputable employer brand.

In fact, you need to do both because potential candidates will judge you based on those two aspects at the same time. The top talent in the industry not only wants to see that you treat your employees right. They also want to see the overall sentiment surrounding your brand.

With that in mind, you must tend to your brand’s reputation by:

  • Gathering and inspiring positive reviews on third-party websites
  • Gathering and showcasing positive testimonials
  • Getting endorsements from your business partners
  • Leveraging your professional network for words of praise online
  • Incentivizing employees to leave positive reviews on job search platforms
  • Turning negative reviews into success stories
  • Emphasizing your values and culture in online communication
  • Encouraging employees to talk about your brand in their professional circles

All of these efforts will help improve your employer brand and your reputation as a whole. Thus, making it easier to reach potential candidates through word of mouth. That said, this is not enough to build an active recruitment strategy while recruiting on a budget. And that’s because word-of-mouth hiring can be a very slow process.

Instead, reputation management is just one piece of the hiring puzzle.

Gauge Employer Brand Sentiment with an NPS Score

To get your brand in front of the top talent in the industry and build a positive brand image overall, you need to know how your own employees perceive you. This is where something like an internal NPS score could be helpful. It’s an excellent way to gauge brand sentiment among your workforce.

You should know the good NPS score ranges and goals to strive for. So, this includes an internal NPS of 50 or higher. This indicates that the employees are very satisfied with their employer. Also, this is an excellent place to start working on employee advocacy campaigns and hiring through user-generated content. 

We’ll touch on that in a bit. But right now, let’s see how you can conduct your internal research and sentiment analysis.

A good NPS survey should be anonymous and encompass various questions about different areas of your business. it should also show what it’s like working at your company. Therefore, the more granular you get with your questions, the more data points you’ll have to work with. And this will feed into the overall NPS of your business.

This survey will uncover areas for improvement. This will be vital in attracting great candidates organically. You can then work on promoting the best aspects of your business in your job postings and dissemination campaigns.

How your NPS score helps with recruiting on a budget

Gauging employer brand sentiment with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a smart way to improve recruiting on a budget. NPS measures how likely employees are to recommend your company as a place to work. A high score means your employees are happy. And this makes your company more attractive to job seekers. This also positive word-of-mouth can reduce the need for expensive recruitment ads and headhunters. So, by focusing on improving your NPS, you can build a strong employer brand that attracts top talent without breaking the bank.

Stop Creating Boring Job Postings

One of the most significant ways businesses fail to attract qualified candidates is by creating generic job postings that are not engaging enough to capture people’s attention. Another major issue is that many job postings use non-inclusive language. This can deter many potential candidates from different age groups, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds.

Your job descriptions must embody your brand’s personality, your company culture, and the values that make you unique. And they’re also inclusive and engaging. You can easily improve your job descriptions with Ongig’s Text Analyzer. Text Analyzer will give you real-time suggestions on how to remove biased language, improve readability, standardize your job postings, and much more.

While you improve the wording and overall messaging of your job descriptions, you should also remember to optimize them for search engines. SEO is vital in this area because it gives visibility to your job openings. It also allows you to rank high in the search results. This incentivizes potential candidates to click on your pages and follow your links to the job opening.

How engaging JDs help with recruiting on a budget

Exciting and engaging job descriptions grab attention and make candidates eager to apply. When you clearly describe the role, the team, and the company culture, you attract the right talent without spending a lot on ads. Creative job descriptions can also be shared more easily on social media, reaching more people for free. By making job descriptions interesting, you can fill positions faster and save money on recruiting.

Always keep in mind that a job posting that ranks at the top of the first page will get the most engagement. Thus, it will be able to convert much faster. 

Emphasize Your Culture and Benefits

One of the best ways you can attract the top talent in your industry organically is by simply focusing on your unique brand personality, culture, and the values you uphold.

Employee benefits

This is a good moment to talk about the causes you support. Also, be sure to mention any community involvement efforts you may be a part of. All of this paints a positive picture of your company. And this is an excellent segue into the concrete employee-focused perks and benefits.

The top talent in the industry will look for great benefits, yes. But they’ll also look for a company that is actively trying to make a positive change in the world. With that in mind, you need to be specific with the perks and benefits you offer.

People need to know what you’re offering, from PTO to vacation days, medical insurance, and more. So, be sure to include any added perks. These can include virtual credit cards used for corporate transactions and spending, bonuses, advancement opportunities, ongoing training, and more.

Remember, if you want to attract the best of the best, then you need to offer the best incentives and perks. You can also roll these out to new hires over time if you’re on a tighter budget. But, the prospect of earning more perks over time is a great incentive for people to apply and have something to strive toward.

Understand When and How to Advertise Open Roles – Recruiting on a Budget

Advertising does not have to be a costly endeavor, at least not if you optimize your campaigns, track performance, and adapt quickly.

The great thing about job ads is that they allow you to reach a broader audience and target your ideal candidates with personalized messaging. They also allow for easy diversification, as you can alternate between traditional job ads and employee advocacy ads, reels, videos, images, and more.

But you need to keep your budget in mind and minimize ad spending. The best way to do this is with ad tracking tools that allow you to track every aspect of your paid campaign. This will enable you to control your spending and invest in the ads that perform the best.

An ad tracking platform will tell you exactly which ads and ad platforms are performing and which are underperforming. It will also tell you the types of ads that generate the most engagement. Once you get enough applicants, you can quickly pull your ads until you’re ready for another round of recruiting.

This is one of the best ways to control your recruitment costs while still leveraging the potential online advertisement. Complement paid ads with the organic methods we discussed and disseminate your postings across social media and third-party channels. This way, you will have no problem attracting great candidates to your business.

Why I Wrote This:

Recruitment is often perceived as a costly undertaking. But in reality, you can attract top talent in your industry without any expensive investments. Yes, you can use some paid tools. But, there are also many free tools and best practices you can leverage to create more engaging job descriptions, boost visibility, and attract great candidates.

Your company culture, for example, or your brand’s reputation on relevant hiring platforms. Simply running a few well-placed and personalized advertisements can get you in front of the right people at the right time. Request a demo to learn how Ongig’s tools can help support your recruitment efforts.

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