Today, many human resources professionals are concerned about the rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), and what it might mean for their careers. In an industry affected by economic turmoil, the best strategy to keep stable seems to be exploring, learning, and understanding how automation can help with our day-to-day work. When used well, HR workflow automation tools can make our work life better. So, these tools come with many benefits such as increased efficiency.

Workflow automation tools.

In this article, we will look at the possibilities that come with HR tools and the 7 best tools for your HR workflow.

Types of HR workflow automation tools

  • Payroll tools that send digital payments automatically
  • Onboarding and offboarding that sometimes includes digital training or AI skills assessment
  • Data entry such as incident reports or paperwork for new hires
  • Time-off management gets rid of the need for humans in vacation and sick leave requests and tracking
  • Job descriptions, which can be edited, created, standardized, and posted with AI tools
  • Project management tools can allow for teams to work together on projects for the long term
  • Employment documentation such as tax and immigration documents

Why you should use HR workflow automation tools?

Using HR workflow automation is best when it helps you avoid boring and repetitive tasks. So, it’s not about taking away the human touch but giving you and your team more time to focus on important jobs that need your skills. Instead of being stuck with paperwork, automation lets you concentrate on tasks where you can make a real difference. It also helps your team shine by letting you do what you do best.

Catch human error with HR workflow automation tools

Plus, HR workflow automation can prevent mistakes, saving time and money. It also cuts costs by using software or AI instead of humans for certain tasks. So, when different automation tools work together, it saves time by reducing the need to switch between tasks. It also helps keep employee information safe, preventing identity theft and data leaks.

7 best HR workflow automation tools

Ongig Text Analyzer

Maker: Ongig

Primary Use(s): Getting rid of biased words and phrases from job descriptions; standardizing layout and style for job descriptions

Best for: All HR professionals

Recruiting new employees takes a lot of time for HR professionals. But did you know that the words you use in job ads might discourage women and people of color from applying? So, even if you don’t mean to, these mistakes can make qualified candidates feel unwelcome. This is a problem you can’t ignore, especially when many companies are competing for the same candidates.

Ongig’s Text Analyzer uses AI to find and fix words that might be unfair or offensive. So, you can check your job ads with this tool to make sure they sound inviting. It not only helps with offensive words but also spots dull language and overly technical words, and automates templates for consistency. So, this tool makes hiring easier and faster. And it also brings in a more diverse group of candidates with little work.


Maker: Employ, Inc

Primary Use(s): Seamless hiring and onboarding

Best for: Large organizations

Jobvite is an all-in-one HR solution that helps with hiring, recruiting, welcoming new employees, and also managing applicants. It offers various features like data insights and an AI chatbot to assist with candidate relationships. So, if you need multiple tools for hiring, this could be a good fit. However, if you only need one specific tool, it might be too much. So, Jobvite is best for those who want a complete package that can be customized to match your company’s style and goals.

Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite helps with sorting job applications and finding the best candidates. It also automates tasks like onboarding, saving time by connecting different parts of the hiring process.

Maker: Remote

Primary Use(s): Hiring and employer of record (EOR) services

Best for: Hiring teams helps businesses hire people, especially for remote and international jobs. They also offer services to handle things like payroll and onboarding. So, it’s a great choice for companies looking to expand globally. Their services also make it easier to follow rules and regulations as you grow your business.


Maker: Workable

Primary Use(s): Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Best for: Automating hiring tasks

You might know about Workable’s applicant tracking system (ATS) – it’s popular and reliable. Lately, they’ve added more tools to make hiring easier. So, they use AI to assist with job descriptions and automate tasks like sending emails, scheduling, and creating interview questions. These tools also make the hiring process smoother, save time, and make it better for candidates. So, this allows you to focus on tasks where human input is important.


Maker: Checkr

Primary Use(s): Compliant background checks and documentation verification

Best for: Hiring and onboarding management

Checkr provides quick and fair background checks that let candidates explain their experiences. This helps employers make fair hiring choices. They also offer services to verify education, check references, and confirm immigration status. They give you all the legal information you need, so you know you’re following the rules. Checkr works with different hiring systems to make hiring easier and better for candidates.


Maker: Textio

Primary Use(s): Removing biased language from internal and external communication

Best for: Hiring teams

Textio helps edit your job descriptions and company materials, making sure they don’t show any bias. It also works with popular HR tools and helps with editing job descriptions. Textio also checks feedback and reviews for biased language. So, this AI tool helps managers write fair and useful feedback for employees.


Maker: Hi Bob

Primary Use: HRIS

Best for: Medium to large HR teams

Bob is a helpful system for HR teams. It helps with hiring, welcoming new employees, managing payroll, and time off. It puts all these tools in one dashboard that is easy to use for your company. So, Bob can do things like giving permissions, welcoming new employees, and communicating with candidates and employees. It also saves time by filling in information automatically. It’s a tool that can grow with your business as your needs get bigger.

We hope you discovered a new tool to make your HR tasks easier with automation. So, some of these tools are best for big organizations, while others can be used by individuals or as needed. What HR automations do you use to save time every day?

Why I wrote this:

Automation can improve the efficiency of your workflow and cut back on human error. At Ongig, our Text Analyzer tool helps you create job descriptions that are inclusive and without bias. If we find words or phrases that might make your recruiting process harder, you can trust us to suggest different ways to improve it. Request a demo to see this for yourself.


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