Notice the effort’s putting into employer branding:

  1. They have a position with Employer Brand in the title (not every business does this yet. LinkedIn lists only 2,163 people with “Employer Branding” in their title in the world, meaning that millions of businesses do not have an Employer Branding position.
  2. The position below is for “Copywriter” — this is marketing-speak for someone who can produce content that will persuade someone (the candidate) to buy. You typically only hear of copywriters at Ad Agencies or direct-marketing firms. This shows that gets it when it comes to tying together recruiting and marketing/advertising.
  3. They have dedicated a URL ( and PlanetBooking) for the sole purpose of what it’s like to work at Booking. They didn’t just settle for a section of their Career home page (e.g.

These are all signs that is serious about their employer brand.


Employer Brand Copywriter Job Description | Ongig

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