DEI tools help evaluate and improve your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion.  They use technology to collect and analyze data (or automate) DEI efforts.

Here’s how DEI tools can help you create an inclusive team: 

  • They detect and address hiring biases through crafting job descriptions,  anonymizing resumes, anonymous interviews, and skills-based assessments. Also, many of these tools use AI-powered screening and matching tools that support diversity best practices. 
  • Train employees and managers to learn cultural competency, awareness of bias, and inclusive leadership skills. So, you can do this by tackling topics like unconscious bias, microaggression, and allyship.
  • Gather employee feedback regarding their DEI experiences in the workplace through surveys, polls, and meetings 
  • Assess employee performance and how their behavior contributes to DEI initiatives and goals. 
  • Support employee resource groups (ERGs) by helping them organize their events, share resources, and make collaboration easier 
  • Present diversity metrics like demographic representation, turnover rates, promotion rates, and pay equity via dashboards and visualizations. So, these tools may aggregate data from various sources like HR systems, employee surveys, and performance evaluations. This is done to comprehensively view DEI efforts and also the results. 
  • Also, benchmark your organization’s performance in diversity, equity, and inclusion relative to industry peers or best practices.
  • Ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations related to DEI. So, this would include things like equal employment opportunity (EEO) statements and affirmative action requirements. 
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With that said, we’ve selected the best DEI tools that provide extensive or unique DEI features: 

1. Circa 

Circa empowers organizations to embed DEI into human resources practices to establish an exceptionally inclusive environment: 


  • Promote jobs through a network of more than 600 locally focused and diverse niche career sites.
  • Source diverse candidates through a comprehensive network of 15,500+ community-based organizations. Candidate profiles are redacted to review applicants based on skills for specific roles. 
  • Showcase your diversity commitment through your company profile, a diversity badge, social media, and targeted marketing.
  • Support vet candidates by giving them the first opportunity to apply for jobs.

Labor Analytics and Salary Benchmarking  

Ensure all employees receive equal pay for equal work: 

  • Access real-time salary data for 20,000+ job titles. 
  • Compare individuals or teams against current and future market-pay rates to proactively identify pay gaps to reduce turnover costs
  • Get a 5-year forecast to help you determine the appropriate salary ranges and identify any pay gaps your organization may have. 

Employee Engagement 

Support DEI strategies with a calendar of DEI celebrations and a DEI content library: 

  • Calendar—a list of DEI observances, holidays, and awareness dates. It also comes with communication templates, training materials, and event guides on how to honor and celebrate each event
  • DEI content library – checklists, guides, templates, and how-to documents to support DEI strategies 

Harassment, Prevention, DEI, and Compliance Training 

Implement training courses to improve compliance and reduce risk. So, this training focuses on DEI content, harassment prevention, and employment law. Courses also include unconscious bias, discrimination, bullying, empathy and allyship, ethics, and a code of conduct. Therefore it’s vital to train employees through practical activities, exercises, and content.  

2. Workdove

The Performance Values Matrix (PVM) tool bridges the gap between DEI efforts and organizational performance. So, employees are assessed not only through their skills and performance but also in their ability to embody and promote the organization’s values. And this would also include those related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

In addition, this framework ensures that the company’s DEI work is integrated into its performance management system. Thus, encouraging behaviors and practices that support a diverse and inclusive workplace while achieving goals. 

So, to get you started, Workdove offers a free Excel template where you can input your performance objectives and core values. Here, you can also calculate and plot your team on the PVM. 

3. Fortay

Fortay is a must-have platform that offers unique DEI services: 

Culture-Add Hiring 

ConfidenceCulture Add Hiring is a patented pre-hire values assessment. It also promotes an inclusive hiring approach that assesses candidates’ alignment with your culture, values, and behaviors. 

The tool also has bias-resistant features like candidate masking, a grading system, and ethical AI. So, the purpose of this is to ensure a recruitment process that is fair, objective, and data-driven. 

Inclusive Leadership 

Inclusive Leadership is a multi-use assessment, performance, and development tool. So, the purpose is to help business leaders identify and measure their inclusive leadership skills. Also, it helps them create a culture of belonging. 

So, the tool can be used during your hiring and onboarding processes as a self-assessment and 360 assessment. 

People Experience 

Use templates to run and customize your surveys to understand, take action, and improve your employee’s journey.  Moreover, make equitable, data-backed decisions using an intersectional lens and root cause analysis to improve individual and team performance. 

4. Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is an all-in-one platform for inclusive mentoring and networking.

It matches every employee, especially those within Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), for networking aligned to their interests and goals.

It provides a mix of one-on-one and group mentoring. Also, it pairs this with a structured curriculum tailored to the needs of employees from diverse backgrounds: 

  • DEI mentorship programs for all your priority talent groups
  • Women’s Mentoring Program
  • ERG Mentoring Program
  • Black Professionals Mentoring Program
  • LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program
  • Indigenous Professionals Mentoring Program
  • Diverse Talent Mentoring Program
  • Neurodiverse Mentoring Program

5. Qooper

Qooper is an enterprise ERG software for DEI strategy. 

Promote diversity in the workplace by connecting ERG members to create mentoring and peer support relationships through ERG Discussions, ERG Meet & Greet events, ERG Resources, and Reminders and Guidance. 

In addition, you can track ERG member participation and progress in identifying employees who are growing and those who need support. So, you can see progress reports on: 

  • Mentorship and career growth outcomes
  • Overall learning and growth areas
  • Employee retention and performance improvement
  • Increase in belonging

The platform is easy to use, multi-lingual, and can be integrated into other applications. 

6. Paradigm

You can build, manage, and also track your DEI journey through the platform’s Blueprint feature:

  • Evaluate your current DEI efforts through an online tool and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Track key metrics and analyze data to understand the impact of your DEI initiatives.
  • Receive expert recommendations on what actions to prioritize and access resources to take action.
  • Benchmark your DEI program’s maturity compared to similar organizations.

7. Ongig

Scan job descriptions for biased words and replace them with inclusive language. 

Ongig can also help you optimize other important sections job seekers look for, like salary, benefits, EEO, and DEI statements. It also helps you score your job postings for readability by flagging wordy sentences and lengthy requirements. Another way that it helps is by identifying complex words that discourage many candidates. Then, it suggests better alternatives that you can use.

You can also create custom job posting templates to maintain consistency with your company brand and help you write at scale (when hiring many people). 

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Why I wrote this: 

Ongig aims to update HR professionals with the best DEI tech tools to help foster an inclusive workplace. But remember, DEI is an ongoing process, and these tools are meant to measure the effectiveness of your DEI strategies. So, use Ongig to craft a bias-free job description. Request a demo to learn more.

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