Rectech Media hosted a virtual JD Technology Expo this week. Team Ongig had the pleasure of attending and presenting along with 4 other solid companies. All 5 presenters demoed job description tools and technology that help companies create the best job descriptions.  If you missed it, you can find the video replay below. I also summarize the highlights of each presentation below (in case you prefer text to video!).

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Each presenter had 10 minutes to demo and answer questions.
  • The speaker lineup (in order) was:
    • Cliquify [5:45 minute mark]
    • Job Page Grader [18-minute mark]
    • Before You Apply [27:45-minute mark]
    • SparcStart [37:30-minute mark]
    • Ongig [49-minute mark]
  • We saw tools to improve job page branding, job description language, social sharing, and company profiles.
  • The virtual event was just under 70 minutes…an easy watch if you missed it live!

Shout-out to Chris Russell (pictured below) for hosting such a pro-level event about job description tools. I consider him a superb curator of content on the HR Tech scene — check out for more of what he works on.


Chris Russell — RecTech Media

5 Tools for Creating the Best Job Descriptions

Ongig’s Co-Founder and Chief Ongigitzer, Rob Kelly analyzed Tesla’s jobs live using Ongig’s Text Analyzer solution and I want to make sure you saw his highlights first.  To see Rob in the video, skip to the 53-minute mark.

I summarize Rob’s presentation below followed by the other 4 interesting job description solution providers below that.

Ongig — Eliminating Boring & Biased Job Descriptions

Picture of Ongig CEO Rob Kelly Job Description Software Tools

Rob Kelly — Ongig

[Ongig presented last at the 49-minute mark of the video]

Ongig’s Mission: Eliminate boring and biased job descriptions.

In the presentation, Ongig CEO Rob summed up Ongig’s Text Analyzer solution with these words:

“If you’re a growing company, your recruiters and hiring managesr write or copy and paste a bunch of job descriptions…and most end up being boring and even biased…

…so not only might you be embarrassed by your JDs…you’re losing out on the best candidates

…but you can’t expect your team to be copywriters (most of you are not an ad agency)….

…so your hiring team needs JD writing help

…think of Ongig as a spell checker for boring and biased words…for your recruiting team.”

Ongig Analyzes Tesla Job Descriptions  

  • Tesla’s Global Supply Manager Job
    • replaced the masculine word “objectives” with “priorities” because it’s proven to attract more women than men.
    • replaced the masculine word “competitive” with “results-oriented” because it’s also proven to attract more women than men.
    • replaced the LGBTQ-biased phrase “She/he” with “You” because it’s more inclusive AND using first-person is more conversational.
tesla job description language tesla job description language tesla job description language
  • Tesla’s Airbag Design Engineer Job
    • discussed the context of when to use and not to use the phrase “recent graduate” to be protected from legal action for age discrimination. In this job, it is used correctly because it says the role would “also suit recent graduates.”
tesla job description language
  • Tesla’s Electrician Job
    • reviewed physical disability requirements for words like “lift,” “climbing,” “stoop,” etc. Using “Essential Requirements” as the heading for the physical requirements section keeps you EEO compliant.
  • Tesla’s Process Engineer Job
    • replaced the complex phrase “The ideal candidate” with the simpler word “You.” This saves candidates time and caters to people with a neurodiversity like dyslexia.
    • mentioned word count, Tesla did outstanding in this area because they stayed within 300-700 words.
  • Tesla’s Desktop Support Technician Job
    • showed title replacement suggestions to improve SEO, based on titles candidates are searching the most on Google each month. (e.g., Computer Support Specialist is searched 580% more and Help Desk Technician is searched 340% more each month on Google)
tesla job titles

Bonus! Rob also mentioned you can analyze any type of content in the tool. It doesn’t have to be just job description language.

Pricing: Pricing tiers start at $11k per year and go up to 6-figures depending on company and job description library size.

Here are the other 4 solid tools for creating job descriptions shown in the order they appeared.

Cliquify — Creating visual job pages for recruiting

Amit Parmar Cliquify

Amit Parmar — Cliquify

Amit Parmar, CEO of Cliquify, kicked off the event with a demo of a recruiting tool “to attract more diverse and relevant talent.” Amit mentioned in his demo that “81% of candidates apply without reading the job description.” Cliquify helps recruiters create branded job descriptions without having to go to the marketing department every time.

Cliquify’s Mission: Creating job descriptions that are well-branded and impactful.


Stand-out features:

  • creates a company brand kit with colors, fonts, and images
  • connects social media handles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • allows users to build their own “job cards”
  • provides templates to choose from
  • keeps job description language simple with no more than 3-6 skills on job cards
  • easily publishes to social media accounts

Pricing: Pricing starts at $79/month for 5 jobs and up to $219/month for 20 jobs. Annual pricing is also available.

Job Page Grader — Analyzing job pages to create  job descriptions

Jim Taylor Job Page Grader

Jim Taylor — Job Page Grader

Managing Director of UK-based PH.Digital, Jim Taylor,  demoed Job Page Grader, an online recruiting tool created by Ph.Creative and Beamery. Job Page Grader measures job pages’ quality to help create better job sites and great job descriptions. Jim used Netflix as an example job page for his presentation.

Job Page Grader’s Mission: Creating well written job descriptions and quality job pages.

Stand-out features:

  • grades job description writing using job page URLs
  • checks the quality of code on job pages
  • scores “engagement” of job descriptions by sentiment, readability, practicality, & discrimination bias
  • scores “conversion” of job pages by the ease of application, friction, and security
  • scores “SEO” by Google rating, metadata, and mobile optimization
  • scores “performance” of job pages by speed and quality
  • allows side-by-side comparison of job description language

Pricing: Free with a job page URL and your email address.

Before You Apply — Building company profiles to support effective job descriptions

Nate Guggia Before You Apply

Nate Guggia — Before You Apply

Nate Guggia, Co-Founder of Before You Apply, presented their recruiting tool that helps teams build company profiles that candidates review before applying for open positions. Nate showed examples of branded team profiles for companies like Keep Truckin with Q&A videos that “draw out all the information that candidates want before they apply.”

Before You Apply’s Mission: Creating company profiles that answer candidate questions cutting down on screening call times.


Stand-out features:

  • includes company branding and social media links
  • summarizes and about the company section
  • creates Q&A videos with pointed questions
  • uses data from candidate research to answer common questions
  • gives candidates the ability to reach out to recruiters
  • highlights collaboration practices, tech tools companies use, office locations, and company stats

Pricing: Free for companies in their network.

SparcStart — Adding visuals and social sharing to job descriptions

Maury Hanigan SparcStart

Maury Hanigan — SparcStart

CEO of SparcStart, Maury Hanigan, demoed their tool that helps companies that are creating job descriptions. Maury said, “Sparc is meant to spark interest in candidates, differentiate jobs, and get candidates to look more seriously at your specific openings.” She opened up her presentation with 3 images, a photo of a Maserati features sheet, a nutritional facts sheet of lamb curry paste, and a text-based job posting for AMD to compare how we advertise Maseratis vs. lamb curry sauce vs. job postings.

Sparc’s Mission: Enhance job description language with videos and more.


Stand-out features:

  • adds video from hiring managers to job postings
  • includes videos from up to 2 co-workers
  • adds infographics on travel, workspace & benefits
  • lists top 3 reasons to apply for the job
  • includes an “apply now” button that feeds into the ATS

Pricing: Schedule a demo to learn more about pricing.

Why I wrote this?

Creating the best job descriptions is key for Talent Acquisition. We hope this RecTech Expo recap helps you find the right job description tools and technology for your organization! Book a Text Analyzer demo with us if you want to learn more about creating job descriptions that are less boring, and less biased.

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