I’ve been on the lookout for the best diversity and inclusion videos. Here’s what I found:

The best diversity videos have at least 2 of these 3 qualities:

  • Strong Opener  — 3 Tips:  Stick from Persuasion Expert Conor Neil: 1) Tell a story; 2) Stun them with a fact or 3) Ask a question.
  • Solid (but Quick) Middle — The middle should be solid enough that the viewer makes it to the end. Tips: A)Try things like authentic employee testimonials in the workplace; B) and examples of your definition of diversity; C) Length — Try to stay in the 45 seconds to 2-minute range. Candidates fall off dramatically after that (see How to Make Low-Cost Recruiting Videos that drive Your Employer Brand).
  • Upbeat Ending with Clear Call-to-Action — The best recruiting videos have smiling, happy people at the end or another sign of success in the workplace. Diversity  And make sure to include your call-to-action (e.g. the URL of your career site or a Diversity section of your Web site) at the end. Make it easy for the candidate to take the next action you desire (a career site visit!).

Here are 5 of the best diversity and inclusion videos I’ve seen (in random order):

1. Apple “Inclusion & Diversity” Video

  • Music — The best music I’ve seen put into a diversity video
  • “68 Employees” — They open by sharing that the video will include “68 employees revealing who we are”. The viewer immediately knows that Apple put a lot into this.
  • Many Examples of Diversity — The narrator talks about faiths, cultures, disabilities, differences, race, ages, ideologies and personalities.
  • Tying Product to Diversity — They have a theme that to build the best product you have to be inclusive.
  • Powerful One-Liner –‘Many more women in charge, equal pay for equal work” and “Humanity is plural” and “The power is we don’t see things the same”


2. Amazon’s “Diverse Perspectives” Video

  • A Clear Definition or Diversity = It’s not just gender, race and ethnicity. Diversity also includes experience, education and skills.
  • Team Members Speak Up — They have 4 key team members speak out including the Head of Sales.
  • Pictures of dozens of team members — This is always a safe piece of a diversity and inclusion video.
  • Good call-to-action — An Amazon.jobs URL at the end


3. Accenture’s “Inclusion Starts with I”  Video

  • Authentic Opener — They show outtakes of the video-making to start. It’s a clever way to begin diversity videos.
  • Unique Theme — There’s no speaking. Just piano-driven music playing while dozen+ employees each hold a giant card with words describing a frustration they’ve felt in their careers (pre-Accenture) such as a mom employee’s card saying “the unease of being judged when I leave early to pick up my children”
  • Powerful Close — The latter part of the video shows smiling faces with the same employees and many more showing positive messages such as a man with a disability holding a card that reads: “We are all human”


4. AIG’s “How important are diversity and inclusion?” Video

  • Effective Length — It’s exactly 1 minute long. Staying under 1 minute is a good rule for diversity videos. Only go beyond 1 minute if you’ve got solid content (like Apple’s above).
  • Simple — It interviews a handful of employees on what diversity means to them.
  • Clear Call-to-Action — They list AIG.com/Careers URL at the end. That’s a solid way to end this great cultural diversity video.


5. Nestlé’s “Diversity and Inclusion” Video

  • Strong Opener (Stat) — Presentation expert Conor Neill says (in How to Start a Speech) that there one of the 3 most effective ways to start a speech/presentation is to provide a shocking number. Nestle begins its Diversity and Inclusion video with the fact that their team is made up of people from 150 nationalities. Cool!
  • Diversity Examples — They highlight Gender, Culture, Sexual Orientation, Age, Disability. This is a winning tactic used for videos about diversity.
  • Cute Closing Credit — They put “Starring Nestlé Employees” in the closing credits. Nice touch.


Why I wrote this?

I watch a lot of videos on diversity because I believe in sharing best practices with our community. Ongig’s software allows you to add videos to any career site/job page. And our Text Analyzer diversity tool eliminates bias from your job descriptions. Being diverse and inclusive (in video or text) DOES attract you the best talent!

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