Sourcing gurus from across North America and EMEA assembled in Atlanta, Georgia last week to discuss the latest in sourcing strategies. The event was well-attended by recruiting leaders and sourcers from a variety of top companies.

During the conference, the #sourcecon twitter feed did a “Best Of” takeover of the @ongig handle. A full spectrum of thoughts and quotes came across our feed from a diverse set of tweeters. We organized this thread into a quick, easy read below.

You’ll see common themes emerge from the feed. There was an obvious passion for finding the right person for the right job in a highly efficient manner…while having an eye on candidate experience. It seems that getting candidates engaged is becoming just as important as identifying them in the world of sourcing.

See if you can spot any themes you identify with, and enjoy the tweets.


Take a wide approach to locating talent



Be an expert in your field



Be aware of where your InMail is headed



Focus on getting candidates to apply



Sharpen up your online creeping skills



Don’t blindly ask for referrals



Keep people in the loop on their referrals



The hardest part of sourcing is engagement



Actionable insights are critical to success



You’ve got to be willing to hustle



Your “Talent Community” may be right in front of you



Stay true to systems that work



Sourcers are not fans of their ATS



Setting a response time for referrals is good Candidate Experience



Good sourcers can find people, but engagement is the challenge



Personalizing your approach is key to success



Look for multiple options for your candidates



The connection between recruiters and managers is crucial



Put a deadline on managers to respond






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