We took a look at a bunch of company career pages over the past couple of days and there were a few that stuck out and caught our attention. Based on images, design, and  copy.

Comcast (@ComcastCareers)

Comcast emphasizes images on their career page. These images contain employees and the workplace, giving potential candidates a feel of the Comcast culture.  They also include quotes/testimonials from both leadership roles and more junior employees to convey the “human” element of the company.

We see Comcast spotlight two important types of candidates on their career page:  Veterans and students/recent graduates. Articulating the importance of hiring veterans is great from an employer branding and values perspective (notice how that section is right above values).



Wix (@Wix)

Wix does a great job articulating their company culture. It starts with the hero image and text “Turn Your Creative Passion Into Something Great” at the top of their careers page and continues throughout with an awesome GoPro point of view Life at Wix video that shows the difference between a working at Wix and working at a “normal” 9-5 (we can see this attention-grabbing video being utilized on their job descriptions as well).

Presenting company culture so openly  breeds transparency, another important aspect to present to potential job candidates in the job search process.


Expedia (@LifeAtExpedia)

Expedia was one of the most content-rich career pages we looked at. With responsive images, multiple videos, and graphics they have it all. There’s not much to say about the aesthetics and design because they are top notch, but we’ll talk about some of the subtle things that make a difference.

As we talked about in 7 Cool and Effective Tips for Your Careers Site, a great way to boost your employer brand is to show off multiple product brands in which Expedia has displayed in two different areas.

Social media accounts should be highly visible if you have a strong presence on those networks, and as you can see social media icons are present everywhere you look on Expedia’s career page. Glassdoor is highly recommended not only on your careers page, but also on your job descriptions because it’s the most important tool that pertains to job seekers and what they want to know about a company.


Pivotal (@Pivotal)

Three things that come to mind when looking at Pivotal’s career page are 1) navigation of specific roles/job openings; 2) transparency, as they introduce us to multiple members of their team; and 3) benefits and perks — something employers should flaunt if they have them.

A cool feature for the introduction of their team members is when hovering over each person you get an excerpt about them and their role in the company. Pivotal’s career page has a sleek, simple design and is laid out in a neat way that isn’t too cluttered.


If(We) (@ifwe)

If(we) is another tech company that gets it when it comes to having a stand-out careers page in addition to a clever feature that we haven’t seen many companies use. As you can see when you start typing in the ifwe.co web address you get the pop down that displays if(we) Ranked #3 best place to work in the Bay Area, which presents yet another opportunity for employers to market their employer brand and reputation.

It’s all about selling the candidate and small things like this can go a long way putting your brand at the forefront of the candidate’s mind. The layout is quite simple, but effective in the way they express their culture and team to job seekers.

As we saw on Pivotal’s career page we get introduced to current team members, but we also get a little information about each department within if(we). The words they use on their careers page that are either bold or in enhanced text include together, ideas, opportunity, team, and fit are great keywords to feature.


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