Our video job description platform Ongig helps create visually appealing job postings, but on the other side of the career equation is a world of visually-appealing resumes.

We found one (thanks to Anonymous Ongig client for sending it in!) of a British entrepreneur named Dave Ingram now living in Mill Valley, CA. Here it is:

How David Came About Creating His Infographic Resume (aka “Resu-graphic”)

David said that he when he left his last business (Universal Business Listing), he found himself sending out his old-fashioned resume to recruiters, employers, etc.

But he realized his old resume was boring and he had an ah-hah moment that the purpose of the resume is to get an interview.

“The first step in getting a job is to stand out in a crowd,” David points out.

So, he went to designer Jason Orr and paid him $1,500 to get it done.

David handed Jason 7 pages of notes about himself, including what he had done in the past, what sports he liked, some milestones he’s achieved, etc.

Jason then designed the infographic resume you see above (David called it a “resugraphic”).

David then emailed the resugraphic out to a bunch of contacts and it got him an interview with Dan at mPowa (based out of London and Mill Villey, CA);  that led to David securing his job.

Nice job, David!

If you like infographics and resumes but want to go the free route, you might check out our piece on A Cool, Free Way To Show Your LinkedIn Profile As An Infographic.


About the Author — Rob Kelly is co-founder & CEO of Ongig: the video job descriptions platform that includes job search, microsites and more to power your company careers site. Early clients of Ongig include Yelp, GoDaddy, Verizon Digital and Autodesk. 

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