We were psyched when Jobvite yesterday released the stat that 56.63% of people spend less than 10 seconds when they visit a Careers page.

“Less than ten seconds!”


What a lost opportunity.

We decided to look at the stats of our clients (the ones we fully tracked through Google Analytics like Yelp, O’Neill Sports and blinkx) and the average time on their Careers home page was 3:36 (216 seconds!).

That’s 216 seconds or 21.6x the 10 seconds that Jobvite found for the majority of their Careers page visitors.

The cards are clearly decked in favor of our clients as they are creating next-gen Careers pages that are designed to increase candidate engagement.

How to Increase Time Spent on Your Careers Page

A few easy tips for you to crank up the time a candidate spends on your Careers page:


Add a 1 to 2 minute video from a member of your team, like Yelp did below. Candidates will sit still to watch your videos (most typically fall off around 1 minute so don’t make it too long). This alone will add 1 minute+ to your Careers page engagement.


Add pictures of your culture (team, offices, etc.), such as video search engine blinkx did below. We all know that candidates crave culture. Deliver the goodies to them in easy pictures that you probably already have on Facebook or your blogs.

Social Connectability

LinkedIn is awesome in that they allow you to tap into their API and show candidates how they are connected to your company. Candidates want to know what your team looks like and whether they have a connection to your people. Make it easy for them like O’Neill Sports owner La Jolla Group does below.

“10 seconds or less” on a Careers home page doesn’t cut it. You can 20X it.

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