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If you need to write better job descriptions, there are a few great free tools to use.

If a free tool isn’t getting you what you need for writing job descriptions, check out Ongig’s Text Analyzer.

1. Hemingway App

Just copy and paste your job description text into Hemingway and you can see things like:

  • The grade level of your writing (this IBM job description is at the 14th-grade level which is “poor” and Hemingway recommends you aim for 9th grade)
  • Use of adverbs, active versus passive voice and length of sentences
Free Job Description Writing Tool - Hemingway App


2. Microsoft Word’s Readability Statistics

If you’re a Microsoft app user, MS Word has a simple tool. Just go to Tools/Options/Spelling Grammar and make sure “Readability Statistics” is checked off.

It lets you see some basic stats like # of words, words per sentence and grade level.

Nike’s JD that I tested did well in terms of 0 passive sentences but could use some help lowering the grade level of readability

Microsoft Word offers readability stats to analyze your text


3. ReadabilityFormulas.com

This writing tool digs deeper into readability algorithms (or “algos” as some of us nerds call it).

For example, it shows this Apple Care work from home job description as hard to read. It even lists out 3-syllable “hard words” as in harder-than-average to read.

Readability Formulas Text Analysis of a Job Description


Alchemy Text free readability consensus calculator


4. Alchemy Text

How joyful or angry are your job descriptions. This writing tool let’s you paste your job description into it and see various scores such as:

  • Sentiment
  • Emotion
  • Keyword¬†Density
  • and more

This Facebook job ad’s primary emotion is Joy followed by Anger as distant second.

Alchemy Text analyzes your job description text for emotion and sentiment


5. Gender Decoder for Job Ads

Paste your job description into this tool to help you write gender-neutral JDs.

Gender Decoder makes your text gender neutral





If you want a paid job description writing tool.

These free tools are great for helping you write one job description at a time. And they are free!

If you want all of your job descriptions to be the best-written in the world, you might consider¬†Ongig’s Text Analyzer. It analyzes the bias, readability and overall appeal of your jobs to top-tier talent. We even have a pro copywriting team to then rewrite them for you.

Ping me for our latest demo if you think we can help!

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