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Do you have too many candidates for certain positions? Check out what Delta Air Lines is doing — they are using video job previews for their 12 categories of job descriptions to help candidates self-select out of applying.

Here’s an example of the video they use for their Flight Attendant jobs:

Delta Video Job Previews Flight Attendants | Ongig Blog
And here’s an example of the video job preview (actually 2 videos) they use for their Reservations Sales jobs:

Delta Airlines Video Job Preview Reservations Jobs| Ongig Blog
Delta’s Director of Talent Acquisition Glen Johnson tells Recruiting Trends that they have far more applicants than available jobs and want to help candidates “self-select out”:

“We want to make sure they understand that these jobs — flight attendant, ground mechanic, ticket agent — may seem cool but they also have downsides, so that candidates are better prepared to understand whether they really want a particular job,”

Delta’s approach is similar to the one Nationwide Insurance takes with their “Realistic Job Preview” (see Nationwide Increases Quality of Hire through “Realistic Job Preview”).

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