Recruiters often wonder about the best job boards to work with. We thought we’d look at four leading job boards and see where their search traffic was trending (courtesy of Google Trends). You can click the image to refine the search more.

Job Boards Trending | Ongig Magnet Blog

The trendline shows:

  • Indeed eclipsed Monster in late 2011 to be the most searched job board of the four listed here.
  • CareerBuilder has held steady in terms of search traffic with a slight uptick in traffic starting in late 2010.
  • Glassdoor passed Careerbuilder in Q1 of 2014.

This is just a quantity metric for these job boards. We’ll cover some quality metrics of job boards in another post.

Note: We excluded LinkedIn and Craigslist to keep the comparison apples-to-apples (i.e. people Googling those job boards are also searching for non-job board information so the #s would be much higher for LI and CL). 

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