Job cuts are soaring (670,000+ last month) to the highest levels since 1993.

But this bad news can be your good news.

There are a handful of valuable online lists of top talent laid off due to COVID-19. These are “gold mines” of talent!

Where can you find this top talent? Here are the 5 sourcing sites we know of…and all are free to use!

Talent Airport

Talent Airport is updated daily with new talent that becomes available due to COVID-19 layoffs. This list currently has over 2,200 talented individuals affected by COVID-19 layoffs. Here are some things that make the Talent Airport stand out:

  • “Cream of the Crop” Talent — many of these candidates were hired by people we know (at Uber, Lyft, Yelp, Eventbrite, Greenhouse Software, Lever, Textio, etc.). They include software engineers, data scientists, marketing/sales/biz dev folks and a host of other pros.
  • Updates on New Layoffs to Poach From — a daily list of every major company laying off candidates. Get a jump on your competition!
  • Get Added to “Companies Still Hiring” – if you’re still hiring, you can get your company name and career site/job URL added. That way the many candidates looking for jobs can check out your jobs.
  • Cumulative data charts where you can track layoff trends by day, week, and the day of the week with the highest layoffs. That way you can see the latest
  • Hiring Heroes Helping Out – a list of professionals who contribute to the list (i.e., Their company is hiring, they spread the word about the Talent Airport in their networks, they share their opt-in layoff list)
  • Other Cool Resources – a tab with resources for both employers and candidates, and links to newsworthy headlines related to COVID-19.

Proud Plug — Ongig & Friends are the ones who power the free Talent Airport. is a top resource for tracking Coronavirus layoffs. Data is updated in real-time and focused primarily on tech startups. Some stand out points to note about this layoffs tracker are:

  • The tabs are sortable by date, location, % of layoffs, and more.
  • The tabs can be filtered by company, # of layoffs, industry, and more.
  • The Lists of Employees Laid Off includes links to many opt-in layoff lists provided publicly by companies interested in helping their past employees find new positions.

A website for employers and job seekers alike, helps match people with open positions. With more than 2,100 jobs listed as available, stands out because:

  • Employers can sign up for weekly emails matching available talent to their listed jobs.
  • Employment seekers can sign up for weekly emails listing available jobs in their field and other employment-related resources.
  • This website also links to a list of other valuable COVID-19 related listings and resources.


Drafted Layoff List

A weekly email, sent out every Thursday, from Olivia at Drafted. This weekly email highlights recent layoffs, individuals on the market, and internal layoff lists. Things that make Drafted’s email and website stand out are:

  • The email lists layoffs by industry (i.e., Tech, Retail, Media, and Misc.)
  • The layoff tracker website has a map view showing layoffs by state.
  • The company gallery has easy-to-read clickable content blocks about each company with layoffs, which is easier on the eyes than a long list. Layoff & Hiring Lists known for helping candidates with salary negotiation has an extensive list of layoffs due to COVID-19 and lists companies still hiring. Updated live using Airtable, this recourse stands out because:

  • Data can be sorted by “Hiring,” “Hiring freeze,” and “Layoffs.”
  • Jobseekers can add their resume to get featured on the layoff list with a short bio, photo, role, location, and previous company.
  • Recruiters can request free access to a searchable list of available talent, with email addresses.


Why I wrote this?

Ongig is on a mission to eliminate boring and biased job descriptions. On March 20, 2020, we decided to create Talent Airport to help unite companies laying off people with companies still hiring.  We hope this article helps you find talented candidates or your new dream job. Check out to learn more about what we do.

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