Jobs2Web (now known as SuccessFactors RMK) was a pioneer in managing your recruiting presence online. If you were lucky enough to work with the Minnetonka, MN-based startup in the late 2000’s you likely had a very personal experience.

When you needed something done, you had someone to lean on.

You could do innovative things (e.g. recruiting SEO and analytics) that few others were doing — and do ’em fast!

It was the type of customer feedback most businesses strive for. I remember being very flattered a couple of years ago when a recruiting leader at ADP told me that Ongig reminded him of the early Jobs2Web team.

That’s why it’s a bummer to hear about the sub-par experience that Jobs2Web/RMK customers are receiving lately (see comments below). While Ongig competes with Jobs2Web/RMK in some areas, we always prefer to compete with rivals on the ascent.

Jobs2Web is now part of the SAP/SuccessFactors Recruitment suite called RMK for (“Recruitment Marketing”).

As far as we know, none of the four customers who made the comments below had an “axe to grind” — they are just disappointed. We are passing it along in case it’s useful.

A few recent comments from Jobs2Web customers:

“They lost the personal touch”

The Employer Branding Manager at an industrial giant told us:

“I loved working with Jobs2Web because it was personal, I knew who I was working with and they were very responsive. But now I’m at the point where I won’t consider working with them again.”

“Too slow”

The Employer Branding Head of a consumer goods company told us:

“…it’ll take 5 or 6 months to get a campaign up with them.”

“I’ll just make the best of it”

The Recruiting Programs Manager at one Jobs2Web customer said:

“We are changing from iCims to SuccessFactors/SAP, but it was a decision that was out of my hands. I’ve got to make the best of it.”

“Things are not automated”

A healthcare company says it takes up to two weeks just to get pictures and video added to a micro-site.

Most customers still think highly of the original Jobs2Web team and attribute the current Jobs2Web/RMK disappointments to having 2 parent companies (SAP and SuccessFactors) that adopted them in late 2011 (On December 6, 2011, Jobs2Web was acquired by SuccessFactors for $110M; that was just 3 days after SuccessFactors itself was acquired by SAP for $3.4 billion).

What they used to say about IBM is probably now true of SAP/SuccessFactors — you’re not going to get fired for buying their products. But if you’re using the Jobs2Web/RMK piece, it looks like you won’t get the level of service customers once received.

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