The Pandora acquisition of Rdio for $75 million turned out to be a good day for Lithium Technologies.

Note: Technically, Pandora is acquiring the assets of Rdio and Rdio is laying off 100+ people — many of the Rdio product/engineering people are getting employment offers from Pandora. 

Lithium’s talent acquisition head Britt Ryan was one of a handful of companies Rdio’s head of HR Michelle Gilgan had on speed-dial to help some of the newly-unemployed Rdio folks get jobs. Michelle@Rdio: way to take care of your team!

Lithium and other employers recruited from rdio after pandora layoffs

Source of Photo: Justin M. via Pinterest 

And what happened next was awesome — Rdio held a happy hour meetup for Lithium and other invite-only employers of choice at Rdio’s 1550 Bryan Street headquarters (table above) where their now unemployed workers could meet their potential future employers.

Lithium Lead Recruiter Jason Tanner and his recruiter Ryan Anson uploaded a quick recruiting video on to their iPad (working with Christine Kriner of Ongig!) and strolled though the mixer where they chatted with about 25 Rdio team members —  “very talented folks”, Jason says.

Lithium met some attractive candidates and is already in final interview stage with at least one quality designer, Jason says.

Getting in front of dozens of well-trained, and hungry, high-tech professionals can be a hiring bonanza.

It certainly pays to be on good terms with heads of HR at other employers!

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