If you’re hiring software developers, you got to talk about being unique and bold! If I was a developer, this would certainly get my attention.

Earlier this month, Kiwi.com, an online travel agency in the Czech Republic looking for developers, used a fleet of drones that carried a Kiwi banner sign in front of the offices of Netsuite and AVG (where developers work).

The drone sign read “Smart People Wanted” with Kiwi’s career page URL.

Here’s a video of the drone recruitment project.

Even Kiwi’s team admits that this recruiting strategy is a bit silly.

“To get smart people, sometimes you need to do something really stupid.”

But the top of the funnel in recruiting and any marketing is to get someone’s attention. They are certainly doing that.

The video has 31,638 views already and is getting some press.

Kiwi’s HR Director Katerina Gabova tells me this of the drone recruitment video:

Thanks to the drone campaign, we’ve had a significant spike in numbers visiting the site, an increase in applications and international interest from the developer community, all of whom tell us they’ve come through the video.


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