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Many of you are beginning to hire in India and the job boards/aggregators there might be new to you. If so, you may want to look at the 14 sites below — they were the leading sources of application clicks to Ongig clients over the period of May 1 through June 22nd.

Much of the traffic was unpaid as the Indian sites aggregated job ads from client sites or from Indeed.

Just ping us if you want any more details including the 29 job sites in India we didn’t have room in the pie chart to include.


Application Traffic from Job Boards in India

Rob Kelly

Co-Founder and CEO at Ongig
Ongig transforms your job descriptions to attract the best talent faster. Ongig is a content management system that supercharges your job descriptions through video, images, pictures, chat, social sharing, microsite creation and much more. Jobs can be more easily found through Artificial Intelligence-based job search and all pages are Mobile and SEO optimized. Ongig's professional copywriting team will even rewrite your job descriptions. Early clients of Ongig include Yelp, GoDaddy, Verizon, Intel andAutodesk.

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  • Hi Rob, thanks for sharing this valuable info. Can you forward the other 29 to vinay@rchilli.com, please.

  • Maneesh Dhooper

    Dear Rob, could you please send me the list of other 29 boards at dhooper.maneesh@gmail.com

    • Sure thing, Maneesh. In your email later today you should find a list of the top 43 job boards in India.

  • Kathir

    Hey can you share the list of other job boards in India. . . Please

    • Thanks, Kadhiravan. We just emailed it to you. +r

      • Thank you Rob:) Have a nice day

  • Liz

    Hi. Can you send the list of job boards to ecolbert81@gmail.com? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks, Liz. I just shot you an email.

  • Amit

    Dear Rob, Can you please email me the list of all job boards in India at exclusive.consulting1@gmail.com

  • Aj

    Hi Rob, Thanks for sharing. Can you pls send the complete job board list to 99rays@gmail.com. Thanks

  • Brian Tsang

    Hi Rob, thank you for sharing this interesting piece. Would you mind sending the whole list of job board to brianchilok@hotmail.com please? appreciate it!

  • Vane Upfield

    Hi Rob.
    Great piece of info. Do you mind sending the full list to vu@jooble.com?

  • FlexJobs.com.au

    A new job board to consider is http://www.flexjobs.com.au thousands of flexible jobs covering an extensive range of sectors and worldwide locations, India included

    • Thanks, FlexJobs. We have definitely noticed you guys coming up on the radar sending traffic to Ongig clients such as cdkglobal.ongig.com/jobs. If you’d like to pick up more job descriptions, just email us at friends@ongig.com. You can also see the jobs of Ongig’s other clients such as American Express, Autodesk, Yelp and others at http://www.ongig.com/our_customers — feel free to point traffic to those job descriptions. Cheers!

  • I was just speaking with someone at Times of India and they think that these are the top 5 Indian job boards:

    1) Knockry
    2) Monster
    3) TimesJobs(owned by Times of India) (caters to entry level jobs); paid jobs only
    4) Shine
    5) ItsMyAscent (also owned by Times of India (caters to more senior management); paid jobs only

  • BDThakker

    Hi Rob, could you please send me your most current list if you have one for job boards in India. my email. bdt.inbox@gmail.com.

    Many thanks

  • Chahit Kumar

    Hey Rob, this article though less in words but fills completely with jobs pie 😀
    It’s been almost one and half year since this post, could you please send me the latest list for india since they have gone like 100’s or probably 1000’s in numbers. Also most of them just take up data from one another. If u could help me with some top 50 or so of them, would be very kind of u.
    Email: chahitkumar01011993@gmail.com

  • India Info

    Hi Rob, Thanks for sharing the information which is helpful to the job seekers and one more job portal peeljobs.com which is also useful for the job seekers.

  • JobSire Team

    Hi Rob, Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Please keep sharing. JobSire is also a premiere online job service site, providing a one-stop shop for job seekers and employers seeking employment and services.

  • markdenisinc

    Can you send list of job boards in INDIA that post to indeed.com ?

    • Sorry, markdenisinc, I don’t have that material. Good luck!

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