Your job description should always match your brand, a concept I call a “branded job description”.

Why is a branded job description so important? The candidate needs to feel your employer brand at the job description level in the same way a consumer feels the brand if they are buying a product or service on your Web site. If you’re like many employers, more than 50% of your candidate traffic are coming directly to your job description from Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google, and other niche job boards (meaning they may never see your company career site).

What do I mean by a branded job description? Check out delivery business DHL’s job description below and how it closely matches their corporate brand:

  • URL — They mention “DHL” in their URL. Make sure your URL is clearly your brand (you may have to mask the URL of the applicant tracking system you’re using to generate the job descriptions).
  • Header/Footer — Both are clearly branded DHL with their logo, color scheme and links to other parts of their company careers site. You might consider this a no-brainer (me too), but it’s amazing how many job descriptions don’t include their brand and links in the header and footer (this is sometimes due to limitations or defaults of the applicant tracking system you use).
  • Overall Color Scheme — Notice how DHL utilizes the yellow and red colors of its brand throughout the job description. The DHL yellow or red is in such call-to-action buttons as “Apply”, “Search Jobs”, the social-shares, and “job alert.”
  • Picture — Heck, even the lanyard that the woman in the picture is wearing says DHL.


Best Job Descriptions Sample DHL - Ongig

That’s a branded job description!

The candidate feels right at home with your brand throughout their review of your job description.

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