Writing clear and engaging job descriptions is a constant struggle for recruiters and hiring managers. 

And, who has the time to write them from scratch?

That’s where the power of AI comes in. This post explores 5 tools for AI job descriptions that help you write JDs faster (and easier). 

1. Ongig AI Job Descriptions

Ongig’s Text Analyzer uses AI to help you create a draft of your job description. It’s quick, easy, and editable to suit your unique roles, departments, or locations.

How it works: 

Once you login to Ongig, click “New Job.”

ai for job descriptions | Ongig

Click ‘Write Sample”

ai for job descriptions | Ongig

Click the “Enter Job Title” field. 

ai for job descriptions | Ongig

Type any job description title to generate a job description. Click “Generate Now”.

ai for job descriptions | Ongig

After you choose which sections to include, the job description will be created with a few sentences about the job and a list of responsibilities. It will also generate a bulleted list of Required Skills.

ai job descriptions | Ongig

…and Benefits, Mission Statement, etc. Note: You can create custom templates and choose which sections to include in your draft job postings.

Once you use Ongig’s AI for job descriptions, you can make edits with your team, and compare versions before publishing to your career site.

ai tools generating job descriptions | Ongig versions

This video details how our software helps you create AI job descriptions (fast!):

Ongig’s AI job descriptions also reduce masculine bias and remove wordy sentences to create more “plain language” inclusive postings with a click of a button (or 2).

2. Grammarly AI Job Descriptions

How it works: 

  1. Download Grammarly
  2. From your document, open Grammarly to launch its generative AI writing features
  3. Enter a prompt with instructions and critical information that helps personalize your job description.

Include the following information in  your prompt: 

  • Specific details for each part of the job description, including the job title and key responsibilities and requirements
  • Your desired format (e.g., put the job responsibilities in a bulleted list)
  • The tone you’d like your job description to have
  • Specifics about your company 

The more detailed your prompts are, the more precise and more personalized your job description will be. 

I prompted Grammarly to Create a job description for a software engineer working for a biotech company. Check out the sample below: 

Create a basic job description with the details below. 

Format: put qualifications and job responsibilities in numbered paragraphs. 

Tone: Professional but friendly 

Job title: Software engineer 

Key Responsibilities: 

  1. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and deploy scalable SaaS solutions.
  2. Write clean, efficient, well-documented code to implement new features and functionalities.
  3. Participate in code reviews, provide constructive feedback and mentor junior team members.
  4. Contribute to architectural decisions and technical design discussions.
  5. Work closely with product managers to translate business requirements into technical specifications.
  6. Ensure the SaaS platform’s reliability, security, and performance through proactive monitoring and optimization.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field or equivalent practical experience.
  2.  Years of professional experience in software development, focusing on building SaaS applications.
  3. Experience working in a startup or fast-paced environment, with a track record of delivering high-quality software solutions on time.
  4. Proven proficiency in one or more programming languages and related technologies relevant to SaaS development.
  5. Strong understanding of software engineering principles, data structures, and algorithms.

Company: start-up SaaS company in the healthcare industry. The company’s values are flexibility, growth, and collaboration.

After generating the draft, you can choose to adjust the tone of your job description to sound 

  • persuasive
  • assertive 
  • confident 
  • constructive
  • diplomatic 
  • empathetic 
  • inspirational
  • casual 
  • formal
  • direct 

You can also ask Grammarly to rewrite the job description to make it more descriptive, detailed, simplified, or professional-sounding. 

3. Workable AI Job Descriptions

ATS and recruitment software Workable provide a free job description generator that allows you to create the perfect job description for any position in seconds. 

How it works: 

  1. Input Job title
  2. Choose which industry
  3. Select the tone of your job posting: generic, formal, or friendly
  4. Click Generate
  5. Click Copy and Paste it to your Recruitment doc or tool 

Voila, you have a free job description in 10 seconds!

Using a generic tone, I’ve sampled it to create a job description for a software engineer working for a biotech company. Here are the results: 

You can also access their library of  1000+ curated job descriptions for different roles. 

Additionally, they offer Free Workable Tools for Managers:

  1. Create an interview kit with the best questions to ask based on the job you’re looking to fill
  2. Make edits and revisions to job descriptions on the fly, including line-by-line AI iterations

4. Copy.ai AI Job Descriptions

Copy.ai’s job description templates are helpful to HR managers, hiring managers, recruiters, and business owners interested in hiring people for their organizations. 

How it works: 

Here are 3 simple steps to get started:

  1. Prepare the following details for writing a job description: 

Company name: [company name]

Role description: [role description]

Responsibilities: [responsibilities of role]

Qualifications: [qualifications for role]

  1. Decide on how you’ll arrange the information or structure of your JD: 

Introduce the company and the role

Describe the responsibilities of this role

List the qualifications for this role

Explain how to apply for this job

  1. Start writing your content on Copy.Ai. 

If you don’t feel like starting from scratch, Copy.Ai also has templates for different jobs, such as 

  • customer service
  • data analyst,
  • account manager 
  • business analyst
  • copywriter
  • veterinary assistant

They also offer HR templates like: 

  • Follow-up email after reference check 
  • offer letter
  • employee offboarding

5. Rytr AI Job Descriptions

Recruiters can use Rytr’s AI-powered Job Description Generator to create detailed job descriptions,  outline responsibilities, attract candidates, and improve recruitment practices. 

How it works: 

  1. Select your preferred language. You can pick from over 30 languages, which is helpful when recruiting international candidates. 
  2. Select your tone. You can choose from over 20 preset tones or customize your tone to align with your company’s voice and values. 
  3. Select ‘Job Description Creator’ in the dropdown menu as your use case. 
  4. Provide a job title, a sentence, or a keyword. Click ‘Ryte for me.’ The Job Description Generator will craft a detailed job description based on your input.

And voila, you’ll get the AI-generated output instantly. 

Why I wrote this: 

Ongig’s mission is to give you as recruiters and hiring managers the latest tools (including AI for job descriptions) to help write better job descriptions fast. Please request a free demo to learn more about our Text Analyzer. 

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