The HR department is responsible for building and maintaining a company’s culture. Recent technological advances have made it increasingly intuitive and cost-effective to manage a positive workplace environment. Here, we dive into 5 impactful tools to elevate your HR strategies and improve your organizational reputation.

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#1 Attract.AI

Attract.AI’s advanced AI algorithm empowers HR teams to search effortlessly for the most qualified candidates via personalized search models.

This tool uses a big database with info on 700 million job seekers worldwide. In effect, it helps your company find skilled people who might not be found through regular searches.

So, this tool keeps learning and gets better at finding the right people for jobs. It watches how people search for jobs and uses that to help HR teams find the best candidates quickly. You can also use it to send emails to candidates and make a good impression.

#2 – Leena AI 

Leena AI offers a comprehensive collection of hiring tools for HR teams. The platform enables you to manage key HR functions and management practices via a centralized hub.

Leena AI is like a helpful computer assistant that makes HR work easier. So, it can be used in big companies too, not just small ones. It makes everything smoother for employees and HR teams.

The platform applies AI data to expedite processes like remote onboarding, workflow management, employee engagement initiatives, and FAQ automation to keep team members on the same page throughout their career journey.

AI tools in HR, like Leena AI, can help meet the needs of the changing workforce, especially younger people who like creative and lively workplaces. These tools encourage new ideas, hard work, and happy employees in the long run.

#3 – Breezy 

Breezy is a great tool for hiring people. As a cloud-based solution, it helps companies find and talk to good candidates easily using the internet. The platform offers a three-pronged approach to optimizing the HR workflow:

  • Advertise & Attract: This tool makes it easy for companies to put job ads on lots of websites at once. So, you can post jobs on more than 50 sites with just one click. It also lets you post on sites that focus on diversity and inclusion, so you can find a mix of different talented people.
  • Automate & Qualify: Breezy helps HR teams save time by doing tasks automatically. So, this includes checking job applicants and setting up interviews when everyone is free. Your team can also make sheets to rate interviews and see if candidates have the right skills and fit in with your company.
  • Hire & Measure: Breezy, the advanced HR platform, helps companies figure out if their new hires are doing well. It has tools to check people’s backgrounds and also understand their personalities. So, HR teams can use it to see if someone fits in well with the company.

#4 – Paychex

It’s important to pay employees well and give them good benefits to keep them happy at work. Paychex makes it easy to manage payroll and employee benefits. You can use it easily, even as your company grows bigger.

The all-in-one payroll and HR solutions platform includes tax payment automation, benefits integration, and precise payroll processing.

How a company handles payroll (paying employees) affects how happy employees are and if they stay. So, old, slow systems might cause problems like late time-off approvals and not paying enough. Thus, making employees unhappy and then they end up leaving the job.

With Paychex, your company can make sure everyone gets paid and gets their benefits on time. This helps keep employees happy at work.

#5 – Ongig Text Analyzer

The verdict is out: Companies with diverse and inclusive workplaces work better than those that exclude people.

The World Economic Forum’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report states that organizations with diverse workforces enjoy 20% more creativity and 19% higher revenue through the power of innovation.

Yet, some companies struggle to hire diverse people because their job ads aren’t written well. So, biases like racism and gender discrimination in job ads can stop a company from finding the right talent.

HR teams can use Ongig’s Text Analyzer to make sure job ads are respectful and well-written. This smart tool uses AI to check your ads for unfair or bad words that might be missed otherwise.

Text Analyzer points out problems in job ads and suggests better and more inclusive words. So, this makes the ads more attractive to many people. Using this tool could also help your company reach 73% more job seekers who aren’t actively looking for jobs.

Why I Wrote This?

At Ongig, we’re constantly developing ways of empowering modern employers. Our Text Analyzer platform identifies and eliminates negative and ineffective JD content that could potentially turn away the most qualified hires. We believe that a strategic synergy of HR tools can help organizations engage and retain an efficient workforce. Request a demo to learn more.


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