Forty-two percent of the Fortune 500 use a career site self-service tool for a reason. It lets them change their career pages on the fly. That lets you solve just about any recruiting-related problem.

Need a new Interns page: Bam! Need a new diversity page: Bam! Need to leverage the newest AI search technology from Google: Triple Bam!

Here are 12 top career site self-service tools:

Ongig’s Career Site Builder

Headline: Transform your career site and your job postings

Sub-Headline: Ongig’s Career Site Builder gives you A.I.-based career site job search (in partnership w/ Google) and the #1 most dynamic job postings in the world.

Ongig Career Page Design Features:

  • Artificial intelligence-based job search partnership with Google
  • Image, brand-enhanced, and video job descriptions (with media library!)
  • SEO & Mobile-optimized
  • Recruiting widgets like Google Maps, Glassdoor, Talent Community, and walkability scores
  • Email job alerts
  • Auto-generated landing pages with a career page website template
  • Source-tracking analytics including apply rates
  • Diversity & Inclusion/JD Rewriting — Option to add Text Analyzer to eliminate bias and enhance job description writing
Software engineer job description


TMP’s TalentBrew

Headline: How do you immerse someone into your company — before they’ve walked in the door.

Sub-Headline: Showcase your culture, your leadership, your development opportunities, and pathing. And pair your jobs with relevant content that tells your story. Your TalentBrew Career Site is the nucleus of your engagement strategy – filled with insights that captivate and inspire candidates to act.

TalentBrew Career Web Page Design Features: 

  • Active job feed with faceted search
  • Job alerts and talent community
  • Self-service design with branded templates
  • Quarterly analytics
  • Widgets and external site portability
tmp career site builder


Phenom People

Headline: Phenom career sites

Sub-Headline: Attract and engage candidates with personalized job recommendations and content

Phenom People Company Career Page Design Features: 

  • Employer branding
  • Seamless apply process
  • Best-fit job recommendations
  • Recruiting chatbot
  • Digital accessibility
phenom people career page builder


iCIMS Attract 

Headline: Create World-Class Career Sites that Reinforce your Brand

Sub-Headline: Powered by machine learning and optimized for Google, iCIMS Attract enables employers to find and engage job seekers and connect them with roles that need to be filled.

iCIMS Career Page Inspiration Features: 

  • Powered by machine learning and Google optimized
  • End-to-end analytics with dashboard
  • Intuitive job search
  • Recruitment landing pages
  • Career site branding
iCIMS career pages

Note: iCIMS Attract is based on Jibe Software, a candidate experience solution iCIMS acquired.


Symphony Talent’s SmashFlyX Career Site Builder

Headline: Bold and Beautiful

Sub-Headline: We build beautiful career sites with purpose, from search through application. Because when talent finds what they need, you get the talent you want.

SmashFlyX Website Career Page Design Features: 

  • Real-time chat assistant
  • Personalized content and landing pages
  • Cohesive branding
  • Enhanced job descriptions with rich content
  • Conversion tracking
Career Site Builder SmashFlyX

Note: SmashFlyX is a solution that Symphony acquired when it bought Smashfly Technologies, an employer brand, and candidate experience tool.


Beamery Talent Operating System

Headline: Make a first impression that lasts.

Sub-Headline: Showcase your unique employer brand, provide individualized experiences to every candidate and get insight to drive improvement.

Beamery Career Landing Page Features: 

  • Purpose-built branded career site self-service tools
  • Dynamic individualized content
  • Flexible editing and content arrangement
  • SEO search capabilities
  • Multilingual and accessible
Beamery career landing page


Clinch by PageUp

Headline: Enhanced Responsive Career Site

Sub-Headline: A core component of the platform, Clinch’s machine learning-powered career sites are designed to precisely match the corporate look and feel for a seamless candidate experience.

Career Opportunities Web Page Features: 

  • SEO optimized and accessible career page template
  • Unlimited pages and microsites
  • Dynamic content and personalization
  • Full blogging engine for career site self-service
  • AI-powered candidate experience
clinch career site builder

Note: Clinch is a candidate experience solution that was acquired by PageUp.


Talemetry by Jobvite

Headline: Attracting Talent

Sub-Headline: Talemetry Career Sites empower you to recognize, recommend and deliver relevant, targeted mobile and social-friendly content that showcases your employer brand, so you can engage and convert talent on an individual level.

Talemetry Career Page Design Features: 

  • Targeted mobile and social-friendly content
  • SEO sites and job listings
  • Google machine learning
  • Employer branding
  • Talent network promotion to passive candidates
talemetry career site builder

Note: Talemetry is a candidate experience solution that was acquired by Jobvite.



Headline: A Comprehensive Toolset to Attract Talent & Broadcast Your Employment Brand

Sub-Headline: Today’s workforce is socially-savvy, making it critical to have a seamless candidate experience that offers an engaging, mobile responsive application and a comprehensive social recruiting strategy to compete for top talent.

Career Page Inspiration Features:

  • Custom career pages
  • Job board integrations
  • SEO support
  • Talent community campaigns
  • Referrals engine
talentreef career page builder

Headline: Candidate experience starts with your personalized career site

Sub-Headline: Hire more inbound applicants with Eightfold AI

Company Career Page Features:

  • Job matching
  • Integrated chatbot
  • Personalized talent acquisition content
  • Qualifications and requirements transparency
  • Built-in SEO


career site builder



Headline: Talent Relationship Management

Sub-Headline: Talent is ideas, creativity, insights, knowledge, and leadership. Identify and nurture top talent and there’s no end to what they’ll accomplish.

Career Page Design Features: 

  • Mobile-responsive sites
  • Candidate profile dashboard
  • Linkedin application integration
  • Mobile device applications
  • Career-immersive designs
Ascendify career sites


Recruit Rooster by Direct Employers 

Headline: Creating bold experiences, one career site at a time.

Sub-Headline: Ruffling feathers with modern design and innovative technology to create bold creative experiences–accessible by all.

Recruit Rooster Career Page in Website Features: 

  • Google talent job search
  • Vibrant videos and photos
  • Broach candidate audience reach
  • Career site self-service templates
  • Performance-tracking analytics
career site recruit rooster


Why I wrote this

Company career pages are aa large part of digital recruiting. The goal is to attract and engage candidates and get them to apply. Ongig’s Career Site Builder helps employers create awesome job pages with career site self service tools, artificial intelligence-based search, instant microsite pages, and dynamic job descriptions.

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