Convenience is an important factor when top candidates are choosing their place of work.

San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Terminal of tomorrow promises to add more to the term “convenience” that just location. Amenities for the new terminal are many, but the main attraction will likely be the 5.4 acre park situated atop of the facility.

A park on top of a facility generating a massive carbon footprint you may ask? Well, the new terminal boasts plans to power the facility partly by wind and solar to cut down on overall emissions too.

Here’s a look at progress being made on the new facility.

The Past

The old San Francisco terminal was quite the eyesore when I first saw it upon my arrival here in 2008.

Not only did the building itself appear to be falling apart, but the overall vibe of the terminal was less than desirable. The concrete and steel, fuming greyhound busses, and transient panhandling kept me from spending much time there.

I don’t propose that all of these elements will go away with a new terminal, but the presence of greenery, space, and a wide variety of transportation options should bring me here more often.

The Present

A look down from the 11th floor of an adjacent building shows a very organized worksite.

While the project is not slated for completion until August of 2017, it’s clear that base camp has been established.

People working in downtown San Francisco and SOMA will have the inconvenience of construction traffic and delays for years to come, but the end result should be rewarding.

The Future

Artist renderings for any proposed facility tend to look good. They have to in order to get projects approved and funded.

If San Francisco’s new terminal comes anything close to what you see in the drawings, it will bring a vast improvement in convenience for employees working in the city.

Anyone who used the old terminal will be able to attest to that.

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