Here are 12 super-creative resumes we found at deviantART and a couple other places.

1) Writer’s Resume

2) Circular Timeline Resume

3) T-Shirt Resume (this is designer Amita Gandhi who also did the tag-cloud resume infographic resume below).

4) Gargoyle Photographer Resume

5) Skills Ranked 1-to-10 Resume

6) Cloud Tag Resume (Amita Gandhi again)

7) Animator/Illustrator Resume

8) Action Toy Resume

9) A Graphic Designer’s Resume

10) Weird Balloon-Head Guy Resume Resume

11) Robot Contraption Resume

12) Comic Strip Resume

Finally, I was blown away when I saw that Amita had yet another resume (in addition to #3 and #6 above) …this time an infographic one. Prolific she is!

Favorites anyone?

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7 Responses to “The 12 Most Awesomely-Creative Resumes Ever? (Including One She Wears)”

  1. Egypt Urnash

    “Hi! My name is Mike Schmit, and it’s my ambition to make you wonder if I’m a closeted MtF, or if I can draw anything besides shoujo manga!”

    seriously, that’s all I can think of when I see that, dude draws himself like a cute girl. Especially when I dig up the comic he mentioned being published by Rosalarian and the description mentions gender identity. Good luck if that’s the case, Mike; it’s worth the hassle to fix that.

  2. Jean Paul

    Is it practical to use these type of resume templates for your profile, it is okay these are creative but does employer want to see these type of profile. I like the last template it looks bit serious.

  3. Wendy

    Try This company already offers video resume post and video job descriptions from companies. Its by far the most interactive Job Site I have ever seen.


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