Here are 12 super-creative resumes we found at deviantART and a couple other places.

1) Writer’s Resume

2) Circular Timeline Resume

3) T-Shirt Resume (this is designer Amita Gandhi who also did the tag-cloud resume infographic resume below).

4) Gargoyle Photographer Resume

5) Skills Ranked 1-to-10 Resume

6) Cloud Tag Resume (Amita Gandhi again)

7) Animator/Illustrator Resume

8) Action Toy Resume

9) A Graphic Designer’s Resume

10) Weird Balloon-Head Guy Resume Resume

11) Robot Contraption Resume

12) Comic Strip Resume

Finally, I was blown away when I saw that Amita had yet another resume (in addition to #3 and #6 above) …this time an infographic one. Prolific she is!

Favorites anyone?

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