Selecting a new applicant tracking system is a major investment (see ATS Pricing). You need to be crystal clear about the main benefits of an ATS and any cost and time savings they provide.

We asked Sara Pollock, head of Marketing at ClearCompany (Talent Management Software)) to share her thoughts on all this.

She believes that the best ATS’s can:

14 ways applicant tracking systems help employers 1

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1. Streamline the Applicant Process

When a job is posted, chances are you’re going to see plenty of applications from people who don’t quite fit. Maybe they don’t have the right credentials or experience you’re looking for, but you still have to handle their application professionally and give it the consideration it deserves.

The best ATS’s will streamline your application process.

2. Reach More People

If you want to track candidates, you have to know where to find and source them. A good ATS posts open jobs on both paid and free job boards, social networks, client websites, and other relevant spaces with just a few clicks.

3. Schedule Interviews

The best ATS’s help schedule interviews with top candidates so you don’t have to. The system can automate the interview scheduling process by making it possible for candidates to choose a convenient interview time.

This information is then sent back to the hiring team, making it easy for them to confirm and schedule interviews without having to make calls or send emails.

4. Keep In Touch With Candidates

Applicants of all ages find value in a potential employer who stays in touch. If a recruiting team is distant or hard to get a hold of, it could make all the difference in whether or not they accept a job offer later down the line.

The best ATS’s help you keep in touch with your candidates by sending automated emails to talent pools with pertinent information like new open requisitions, directions to the office for interviews, and more. In short, your ATS makes it a bit easier to keep your candidates updated throughout the hiring process.

5. Save You Time

Some companies say that the hiring process can take anywhere between 25-50 hours, which can average to a week of work or more.

The best ATS posts jobs, helps submit resumes and jumpstarts the screening process — that frees up administrative time so that you can spend more time evaluating candidates.

6. Save You Money

The best ATS can save you time, and therefore money by handling tasks like entering data and scheduling interviews.

7. Bring You Closer to Compliance with EEO/OFCCP Reporting

It is important to note that while an ATS alone cannot ensure that you are complying with all United States hiring laws, the best ATS’s bring you closer to covering the spectrum of compliance outlined by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

At the very least, a solid ATS carries the right tools for EEO/OFCCP reporting to give you peace of mind.

8. Boost Employee Retention and Relations

Finally, the best ATS’s increase hiring team engagement, which leads to improved quality of the hire. When you are more engaged with a potential hire, they feel invested in your company at large.

Now, when candidate becomes a team member, you already have a connection with them that harbors loyalty, trust, and genuine care for your business.

Sara Pollock

Sara Pollock

Head of Marketing at ClearCompany
As the head of the Marketing department, Sara makes sure that ClearCompany's message, products, and best practices reach and assist as many HR practitioners as possible.
Sara Pollock

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