Props to Comcast! They seem to be going “all in” on video job descriptions (or job trailers as they call them).

Their new format at consists of 3 tabs:

1. Job Description — The text of the job description like this one:


2.  The “Job Trailer” — This is a video of what it’s like on the job (in this case a software engineer video):


3. Application Process — Then they have a 3rd tab for the application process:


And Comcast doesn’t use the same video for every job description. They have at least 23 that we counted.

(Note: For more data and insight on video job descriptions visit Ongig’s Video Job Description Guide.)

Rob Kelly

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  • I noticed these Comcast videos earlier this year. I think they are brilliant! They do a great job of just being human and showing the daily life in the role. Too bad you can’t automate the creation of these vids 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeremy. The automation of these recruiting videos will get easier and easier (and Ongig now allows you to easily add and create such videos!). Best, +r

      • I think what Comcast is doing very well that is hard to replicate is the ability to tell a very detailed story. There are a lot of subtle messages going on here. By showing a woman of color, her tattoos, her quirky personality, in addition to the job itself, shows that Comcast is making a conscious diversity push and appealing to a large number of other quirky engineers showing that Comcast can be a cool and accepting place to work. It really is an art to get this stuff right.