Congrats to Klout on last week’s Big Data Engineer job posting — Klout Chief Scientist Ding Zhou and his hiring team quickly garnered 100+ Facebook Likes for its Big Data Engineer job opportunity, a new record based on our unofficial stats!

And those Facebook Likes have generated more than 400 visits from Facebook, which is to be expected based on Ongig’s recent release of Exclusive Stats on Facebook Likes & Job Descriptions (among other things, we found that an average Facebook Like on our job postings generated 4.3 visits from Facebook).

Interestingly, the average time per visit from Facebook to the Klout job ran more than 11 minutes, about double the normal time spent on the social job descriptions generated through Ongig.

While Klout is certainly an attractive place to work, there’s no clear explanation why this particular job attracted such social recruiting engagement.

Perhaps it is just that Ding’s team is socially well connected — there are also some intriguing comments in the job description video, including that Klout reminds Ding of the early days of Facebook.

Nice job, Ding — let us know if you have any secrets!

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