Ongig asked hundreds of cool tech companies hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area what positions they would like to do a social job posting video for. Below is the list:

Top 10 Positions That Need To Be Filled By Technology Employers

  1. Product Manager
  2. Front-End Engineer
  3. Designer (UI, UX, etc.)
  4. Quality Assurance Engineer
  5. Account Executive (aka “sales person)
  6. Software Engineer
  7. Mobile Engineer
  8. Back-End Engineer
  9. Ruby Engineer
  10. Inside Sales Rep

Source: Unscientific data from hundreds of employers Ongig hangs out with.

Product Manager at #1 is a bit of a surprise, though PMs certainly can be the vital glue that unite engineering and sales. And we all know that making the tech and biz sides talk is the Holy Grail of any technology business!

However, the mighty engineer still rules the roost. If you add up FE Engineer, QA Engineer,Software Engineer, Mobile Engineer and Ruby Engineer, then Engineers as a category are employers’ top need.

Sales-folks (if you combine Account Execs and Inside Sales Reps as a category) are #3.

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