Including your photo in a résumé is frowned upon in the U.S. (HR folks are scared of the risk of discrimination suits)– but they are commonplace in other countries such as South America, Asia, Africa and Western Europe.

Thank you to Deviant Art for these photo résumé examples:

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2 Responses to “Check Out 6 Examples Of “Photo-Résumés” (Illegal In The U.S.?)”

  1. Greg Jordan

    While it’s true that a photo on a resume is a no-no, it’s almost expected that professionals maintain a presence on LinkedIn, which includes a place for a photo… which most people include!

    • Rob Kelly

      Good point, Greg.

      One of the clever things about LinkedIn is that it provides a photo-resume through the standard LinkedIn profile. They appear to be able to get around the HR/discrimination risks of having what is essentially a photo-resume due to the fact that the primary purpose of LinkedIn is to help professionals connect with other professionals for all purposes of business (not just job searching/matching).

      LinkedIn (and Facebook) may in fact break down the walls of photo-less resumes!


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