Ongig’s focus is video job postings (we believe all online job opportunities will be visual one day) and we are always on the look-out for any videos to do with hiring.

We decided to comb through YouTube and show you the most viewed videos having to do with hiring at top tech companies —  Enjoy!


An Inside Look At Google (2,161,173 Views)

Google Container Data Center Tour (1,082,673 Views)

Interviewing At Google (817,371 Views)


Inside Facebook’s Server Room in Prineville, Oregon (107,435 Views)

Facebook Data Centers (35,954)

Facebook’s 2010 Recruitment Video (8,108)

Skateboard Tour Around Facebook’s Old Headquarters (18,209 Views)


Apple’s Existing Cupertino Headquarters (18,080 Views)

Working In Apple Retail (15,410 Views)

Some Guy Talking & Showing Pictures Of Apple’s New “Mothership” Campus (6,448 Views)


Meet The Class Of Twitter HQ (190,082 Views)


Life At Microsoft: The Truth Revealed (76,669 Views)

What Happens When You Work At Microsoft (30,588 Views)


Working In Sales At (10,049 Views)

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