Job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than those without, according to a study by CareerBuilder last month.

Those employers using recruiting videos also received a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job postings!

Here are 5 ways you can increase applications through your recruiting videos:

1. Convey an authentic employee experience

My favorite recruiting videos are those that authentically portray what a prospective employee’s life would be like at the company. If job seekers can visualize what it would be like working at your company, you’re likely to attract a pool of enthusiastic applicants who truly know what they’d be getting into.

2. Showcase your employees

Yes, actually feature your employees in your recruiting video. Most recruiting videos feature company executives, having them talk about the exciting market in which the company plays. While this should be included, too much of it fails to give potential candidates an accurate (or relevant) perception of your employer brand. HubSpot’s video (above) is a great example of a recruiting video that also shines more light on the people who work at HubSpot as they’re filmed talking about the tools they use and the projects they work on.

3. Go unscripted

Another way to ensure an authentic representation of your company is to let employees tell the story, unscripted. Employee testimonials or unscripted video footage of various company activities are just two great ways to give potential recruits a more accurate perception of the culture and what it’s like to work at your company.

4. Show some personality

Companies shouldn’t hesitate to show their true colors in a recruiting video, even if that means highlighting unique aspects that differentiate the organization such as unconventional office decor, clips from lively company meetings or other day-to-day activities that give the company a personality. In Zendesk’s recruiting video, they highlight some of the everyday aspects of working there, such as the door-greeter. Small details like these add some rich color to the personality and culture of Zendesk.

5. Be consistent

Finally, one critical factor to your success with recruiting videos is consistency. Your employee brand and messaging should shine throughout the entire employee experience, from the job description to the recruiting video to the offer letter.

Guest blogger Jennifer King is an HR Analyst at Software Advice, an online resource that reviews and compares HR and recruiting software. She blogs about trends, technology, and best practices in human resources.

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