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If you are like every other Talent Acquisition leader I’m talking to these days, a top 5 priority is recruiting millennials. Jobs for quality millennial workers are abundant these days, so this is no easy task.

Only 44% of executives say that they are happy with how they’re reaching candidates.

I came across some useful research on millennials from Gensler, the global design leader. Gensler has a Research & Insights team that gathered great research on millennials back in 2014 — apologies that I didn’t share it sooner!

Here are a few data points on reaching millennials that you might want to tack up on your cork board or wall (I put stats like these up on my wall to help reinforce the learnings).




First off, millennials don’t plan to stay with you long: just 2-3 years. I recommend you embrace that reality. The more you embrace it openly with the candidate, the more likely they will stay with you an above average amount of time.

So, what do millennials really want?

You could do worse than to stick to things like freedom, positivity and flexibility as shown by the stats below.




When recruiting millennials, I recommend you repeat these types of words to the candidate in the form of questions, such as:

  • What sort of freedom are you looking for?
  • What does a positive culture look like for you?
  • What’s an ideal schedule for you?
  • Where do you find you get the most work done?

And as usual, a lot of money is on the line in understanding millennials. The average cost to replace a millennial is $15,000 to $25,000, according to Gensler.


No pressure.


Do you want some more research on recruiting millennials?

Ongig has a bunch of additional research on recruiting millennials. Just ping me at Rob@Ongig.com or go to Ongig.com and you can reserve time with someone on our team.

Rob Kelly

Co-Founder and CEO at Ongig
Ongig transforms your job descriptions to attract the best talent faster. Ongig is a content management system that supercharges your job descriptions through video, images, pictures, chat, social sharing, microsite creation and much more. Jobs can be more easily found through Artificial Intelligence-based job search and all pages are Mobile and SEO optimized. Ongig's professional copywriting team will even rewrite your job descriptions. Early clients of Ongig include Yelp, GoDaddy, Verizon, Intel andAutodesk.

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