Plain language is about clear communication in writing or speaking that is easy for the intended audience to understand the first time around. So, using various examples of plain language in job ads can be beneficial.

Recruiters who use it attract the most diverse talent and ensure legal compliance, especially if their business or company is in California. Using plain language also reduces errors and misunderstandings between employers and candidates. 

According to Find Law, the California Code, Government Code – GOV § 6219  states that: 

(a) Each department, commission, office, or other administrative agency of state government shall write each document that it produces in plain, straightforward language, avoiding technical terms as much as possible, and using a coherent and easily readable style.

3 Examples of Plain Language in Job Ads 

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Customer Service Representatives – Viva Energy Retail (Colesgroup) 

Working in retail is fast-paced, and at Coles Express for Viva Energy Retail, the rubber really hits the road. It’s not a typical 9-5, so you can easily blend life and work. And as part of a small station team, you’ll enjoy the variety and speed that offering convenience to local and on-the-move customers brings. ​

About the role: 

We’re looking for a Customer Service Representative. With a focus on great customer experiences, you’ll ensure the store is always clean, stocked and welcoming. 

This is an amazing opportunity to join and work for Viva Energy Retail, Australia’s largest single branded mobility and convenience retail network which has acquired Coles Express.  Whether it’s filling up your car, grabbing food to go, or topping up essential groceries, we’re there when you need us. 

About you and your skills

  • A commitment to providing great customer experiences by working with enthusiasm, energy and pace  
  • To handle cash and know your stuff by promoting monthly specials and products 
  • A focus on ensuring our safety standards are met 
  • You’ll need to be comfortable working on your own and following set instructions 
  • To deliver with pride through site presentation and stock management 
  • The availability to work flexible hours (including late nights, early mornings and weekends) 

You’ll be on your feet for long periods of time and may require some moderate to heavy lifting and reaching. 

This job ad uses plain language: 


  • Uses a friendly, conversational, and engaging tone (“rubber hits the road,” “blend life and work”).
  • Clear structure: Separates information into sections with clear headings (“About the role,” “About you and your skills”).
  • Simple language: Avoids overly technical terms (uses “great customer experiences” instead of “client satisfaction”).

Areas for Improvement:

  • Jargon: A few instances of jargon could be simplified (“pace” could be “fast-paced environment”).
  • Length: While concise, it could benefit from a bolded key benefit or two to grab initial attention.

Human Resource Assistant – Car-Freshner Corporation


The Human Resources Assistant will provide administrative support to the Human Resources Department located at our manufacturing plant in Watertown, NY.


$21.75 per hour, increasing to $22.75 within 6 months. 


  • Completes general administrative tasks and provides clerical support to the Human Resources department for the manufacturing plant location
  • Maintains accurate and up-to-date HR files and records
  • Answers frequently asked questions from applicants and employees relative to standard policies, benefits and hiring processes
  • Maintains the integrity and confidentiality of HR files and records
  • Performs periodic audits of HR files and records to ensure that all required documents are collected and filed appropriately
  • Assist in the screening of applicants and scheduling of interviews
  • Assists with payroll functions including timecards, answering employee questions, and fixing timecard errors


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Prior office experience in a related role preferred

Competitive salary and benefits including immediate eligibility in 401K Savings Plan & Match, Medical & Dental/Vision Insurance, weekly Dependent Care Reimbursement, Health & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, on-site Café & Fitness Center and free family fitness memberships.

This Human Resources Assistant job ad is good for plain language: 


  • Simple and straightforward sentences: Uses short and easy-to-understand sentences.
  • Active voice: Uses active voice verbs throughout the ad.
  • Bullet points: Uses bullet points to present responsibilities and requirements clearly.
  • Salary upfront: Clearly states starting pay rate and increase.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Minor jargon: Briefly mention what “clerical support” might include (e.g., answering phones, filing documents, data entry).
  • Formal tone: While informative, a more engaging tone could attract applicants (e.g., “Be a part of the team that brings a fresh scent to millions of cars!”).

Warehouse Associate – Lidl 

Warehouse Associates make sure that products are properly received, selected, and delivered to our stores for our ever-growing number of customers to enjoy. Our teams are comprised of hardworking, dedicated individuals who work quickly, efficiently, and safely to meet the needs of our stores and customers. A thorough and comprehensive training and safety program provides the skills our associates need to be successful. Warehouse Associates work among four departments in the warehouse (Order Picking, Receiving, Returns, and Recycling). Most Warehouse Associates start in the order picking role. All roles are required to work in various temperature zones ranging from ambient to freezing temperatures (as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit).

What You’ll Do

  • Accurately pick and pack goods in a variety of temperature zones by case/unit onto pallets based on store orders using a pick by voice system
  • Prepare loaded pallets for outbound deliveries
  • Take inventory counts and ensure accurate stock levels in the warehouse
  • Operate equipment according to safety guidelines in performance of essential job functions

What You’ll Need

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Motivation to work independently while still meeting ambitious productivity goals
  • The ability to switch functions or tasks quickly
  • Comfort operating powered industrial equipment
  • Flexibility to work a variety of shifts including early mornings, nights, and weekends
  • The ability to maneuver cases of product (lift, move, carry, slide, etc.) in excess of 50 lbs. and reach above head to heights greater than 10 inches frequently in accordance with safety regulations
  • The ability to handle all Lidl products, to include but not limited to, meat, poultry, alcohol products, and food products with known allergens, such as nuts

What You’ll Receive

At Lidl, we know that in order for our people to do their best, they must be at their best. That’s why as a company, we offer one of the most generous benefits packages in the industry.

All our Lidl employees, regardless of hourly status, are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • Starting pay of $19.00 per hour
  • Performance-based pay incentives of up to $8.00/hour in addition to base pay
  • Medical & Prescription | Dental | Vision coverage
  • Paid Holiday & Paid Time Off (PTO) to use for sickness or vacation
  • Dedicated training plans to ensure you are set up for success
  • 401k Plan (+ 5% company match and no vesting schedule)
  • Voluntary Term Life & AD&D Insurance
  • Total Well-Being Program
  • DailyPay, a voluntary benefit to offer employees access to their pay on their own schedule

The job ad for a Warehouse Associate at Lidl uses good plain language overall: 


  • Clear and concise sentences: Uses short and easy-to-understand sentences.
  • Action verbs: Highlights responsibilities with action verbs (e.g., “pick,” “pack,” “operate”).
  • Bullet points: Uses bullet points to clearly present responsibilities, requirements, and benefits.
  • Salary and benefits upfront: Clearly states starting pay rate and mentions benefits.

Minor Areas for Improvement:

  • Jargon: Define “ambient temperatures.”: You could simply remove “ambient” or replace it with “normal room temperature.”
  • Formal tone: Briefly mention the work environment or team culture (e.g., “Fast-paced warehouse with a fun team!”).

How to use plain language in your job ads and job postings 

Job ad in newspaper (examples of Plain language in job ads blog)

Here are best practices in the use of plain language when crafting your job descriptions

Avoid jargon and technical terms in your job posts. If jargons are necessary, explain them. 


  High proficiency in SEO/SEM is a plus.


Highly proficient in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is a bonus.


Must possess proficiency in UX/UI design principles.


We need someone with solid experience in designing user interfaces (UIs) that are easy to use and visually appealing.

Use simple words


You’ll leverage data analysis to optimize processes.


You’ll use data and reports to help us improve our work.


Must be a self-starter with excellent time management skills.


We’re looking for someone who can take initiative and manage their time well. 

More examples: 

OriginalTry Examples 
Utilize Use, apply Original: Utilize a variety of marketing channels to reach our target audience. Utilize your social media skills to promote our brand.  Try: Use a variety of marketing channels to reach our target audience. Apply your social media skills to promote our brand.  
BandwidthAvailable/ availability  Capacity Original: The candidate must have the bandwidth to take on other projects on top of daily tasks Try: The candidate must be available to work on other projects in addition to daily tasks. 
CoordinateOrganize Arrange Original: Coordinate work schedules and weekly team meetings Try: Organize work schedules and weekly team meetings 
StrategizePlanOriginal: Strategize marketing campaigns Try: Plan marketing campaigns 
ExecutePerformOriginal:Execute tasks according to schedule Try: Perform tasks according to the schedule 
Initiate Start Original: Initiate discussions with line managers to meet department goals Try: Start discussions with line managers to meet department goals 
GenerateCreate Original: Generate monthly sales reports Try: Create monthly sales reports 
Optimize, enhanceImprove Original: Optimize business processes Try: Improve business processes 
Liaise Communicate with  OriginalLiaise with external stakeholdersTry:Communicate with external stakeholders

Use short sentences


The ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing and at least 3 years of experience in a fast-paced environment, with a strong understanding of social media marketing principles and a proven track record of developing and executing successful social media campaigns.


A bachelor’s degree in marketing is required. At least 3 years of experience in a fast-paced environment with social media expertise is necessary. You should have a proven track record of creating and running successful social media campaigns.


The candidate will create and maintain high-quality content for our website and social media channels.


Create and maintain high-quality content for our website and social media.

Replace passive voice with active voice


The Customer Service Representative will be tasked with providing exceptional customer service by promptly addressing customer inquiries and concerns through phone, email, and chat, ensuring a positive and satisfying customer experience. 


The Customer Service Representative provides excellent customer service. They’ll answer questions by phone, email, and chat and keep customers satisfied. 


The Marketing Manager will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that leverages various online channels to increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and drive sales growth.


The Marketing Manager develops and runs a digital marketing plan using online channels. They will also increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. 

Break long sentences into bullet points so they are easier to skim and read 


Ensuring displayed merchandise reflects our high standards of showroom readiness, operates as intended during demonstrations, and is up to date, accurately mirroring the manufacturers’ current product offering.


We make sure our showroom products:

  • Look great and meet our high standards.
  • Work properly when shown to customers.
  • Are the latest models from the manufacturer.

Why I wrote this:

Using plain language in your job ads and job posts avoids misunderstanding and can contribute to a higher number and quality of applicants.  Ongig’s Text Analyzer features can help you by suggesting simpler words and phrases in your job descriptions. Request a demo today! 

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