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Fostering candidate engagement and attracting potential candidates to your career site is easier said than done.

Some ways your company can succeed in doing this is having a visually attractive career site that include features like eye-catching images, short and descriptive videos, and popular/enticing color schemes. We’ll go over 8 ideas that will help you optimize your career site visually in order to attract candidates and talent.


Hero Media (Pics) — The hero media is the main pic or video that a candidate sees on your careers home page and should get the candidate’s attention. If you use a picture as opposed to a video (we’ll touch on that next) it will be more cost-effective to create. You can even find an eye-catching image your company already has to use as your hero media. Check out Asana’s fun hero image — it does exactly what it’s supposed to: grabs your attention and makes you stop and pause for a moment. When in doubt, use a good picture of a team that looks happy (see Inkling). Expedia’s guy jumping off a cliff is supportive of the adventure/travel theme Expedia goes after with its recruiting.

Asana Careers Page Hero Image


Hero Media (Video) —  The hero media on your careers page can be a video instead of a picture. Nielsen data showed that just by having video on your pages you can increase brand recall by 10 to 30%.  Mondelez International reinforces their slogan of “big and small” in their hero video evidenced by the content on the video and the thumbnail image the video is set on. You can also go with a full screen video too like Adidas or Pinterest or AccentureGlobal Telesourcing has a simple 38 second video that plays right when you visit their site.
Mondelez International Hero Video


Supporting Videos — If you don’t want to show a video as your hero media, you can use it lower on the page for supporting material. Hootsuite has 4 supporting videos lower on their career home page and each is only 16 seconds long (short is usually better as candidates drop off after 60 seconds). And it’s ok to have a commercial video as long as it’s supporting a theme that matters to candidates. Morton’s Salt’s video is located below the fold on their careers home page and is all about its brand and history — it does an amazing job of making a commodity product (salt) feel special (did you know it’s used to clean driveways of snow and laundry).

Hootsuite Careers Videos


Free Avatar of Candidate – Carrot points out that once you join carrot, you get a free avatar (illustration of you). It’s a practice they feature on their career page because it supports a theme that they convey to candidates which is they “define their company by the people that work there”. They treat the avatar as a badge, “the most visible part of their brand”.


Branding by Color (Career page color scheme) — Check out Home Depot (orange and white) and Target (red and white) and how they use their colors on such things as email job alert buttons, talent community, hover-over of sections, etc. Are you using your brand/company colors on your careers page?

Target Careers Page Color Scheme


Picture Captions — When featuring pictures on your careers page (non-hero pictures) provide captions explaining either the pictures or values/company views associated with that picture. Advertising guru David Ogilivy was fond of pointing out that twice as many people read captions under photographs as read the body of the advertisement. Quantcast is one of the few employers who uses captions with their pictures.

Quantcast Career Page Picture Captions


What It’s Like to Work Here — Every candidate wants to see what it’s like to work at the company they are looking to apply to. Either providing workplace pictures or a link to your company Instagram account is a great idea. If.we does a great job with this having a photo for each department and even using hover-over captions. Remember it’s very important to include visuals in this section if you decide to incorporate it in your careers page.


If we What Its Like To Work Here


Feature Sub-Brands — Make sure to show the logos of your sub-brands or product brands within your corporate brand. This will increase your employer branding and how you are viewed by candidates. One of your product brands could be one used by a potential desired candidate who might not have known that the product was a part of your company. Some corporate brands including Campbell’s Soup Company, AOL, and Expedia do a great job of this.

AOL Careers Page Sub Brands

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